What is ultraviolet node?

What is ultraviolet node?

We use UV nodes to create a new universe with a different level.

A UV node is defined as an area which can be entered and exited. As you may know, it is not possible to teleport from one level to another or enter different areas than your character, using a regular node.

To create a new universe, or level, the UV node you wish to use must be defined first in the editor by the creator of the level (see the tutorial section below). However, it is still possible to enter/exit areas from another level. So if you place a few objects like walls, a door and other NPCs, you can enter and exit the level as often as you like.

Here is an example of how it looks in game (we named our level "Level 3"): In this level, there is a door that leads outside of it (the "UV node"). You can open this door, you can do whatever you want inside of it. After selecting a node, it will be highlighted in red: After having selected a node, you can drag the selection over a new area. Then when you release the mouse button, it will be placed there: In game, it is possible to select UV nodes by clicking on them. If you are not familiar with the UI and how the game works, I recommend to open up the console and select some nodes in order to find out how they work in game: Where can I place objects? After creating a level or universe, you can place items anywhere in the world. If you wish to place an item where you are not allowed to place it (for example: because it has another object above it), you can lock an object.

Locking an object simply means placing a number over it so that you will be unable to place it there.

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