What is the default passcode for iPhone 4s restrictions?

How do I Reset my restrictions passcode on my iPhone without restoring it?

Question: How do I Reset my restrictions passcode on my iPhone without restoring it? Answer: To reset your restrictions passcode without restoring the device, go to Settings and then click on General. Scroll down and you will see Restrictions. Tap on it and tap on Restrictions and then tap on Reset Restrictions. Now, tap on Reset. The phone will reboot and you will have a choice to either restore or set up from scratch. For more information on this, please visit my other article: Restoring iPhone after Factory Reset.

Comments. My iPhone was locked with the password "1234" which I changed by accident to "password" and forgot. Now I want to change it back to 1234 but it doesn't accept that. I think this is only a US number 1 I think of the UK. If anyone can help me with this.

Well, first and foremost, I've had the same problem with my iPhone 8, so this should work as it has for me. But here's a different way to approach the problem.

First, let me show you where you find the information. First, go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Set Password. This will bring up a page that has a drop-down menu. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see that there are options to Reset Restrictions and Set New Restrictions.

When you select Reset Restrictions, your Restrictions will be cleared and you will be brought to a new Restrictions page. Now, you can choose a password for your Restrictions. This is helpful if you are having problems finding the restrictions passcode.

If you select Set New Restrictions, then a new Restrictions page will open. Here you will be given the ability to choose your Restrictions settings.

Let me know if this helps. Good luck. I have accidentally locked my iPhone 7s and its only allowing the password I have used before, I need to unlock it without it being restored. Can you help? Also if possible can you do this for iPhone 7s? I just want to give a quick update on this, since this is one of the few Apple topics that I actually had some knowledge of.

What to do if you have forgotten your restrictions passcode?

You might want to use the backup of your restrictions passcode to unlock your computer, you don't need the internet connection to do this: Start a Windows Password Reset. You will be prompted to enter your login details as you have reset the password in the past. The default password is blank. Press 'Windows Password Reset'. If you have previously reset Windows 10 via command prompt, you can reset now via 'reset registry'.

Next, it will restart to the recovery page in your computer with the options to start System Repair or Windows Recovery Environment. Select System Repair or Windows Recovery Environment and it will show the details of your device like your operating system and hardware model. Click on Reboot in next page.

After the reboot, it will show all of your partitions including system partition and personal partition. Select system partition by clicking it and you will be able to see a list of your disks or disks on the right side, choose the right disk which has NTFS or FAT32 file system and click the check box at the end of the line. Next click the disk drive option at the top right and then select Fix Disk as the operation you wish to run.

When you reboot the computer again, you will be able to unlock your computer and continue using it.

How do I change my restrictions passcode on my iPhone?

You can't. You can't remove the passcode that you set after the activation process, and neither you can change your restrictions passcode. This passcode is set by Apple to protect your data. It's not a security issue and it won't be used by the hackers. However, you will be prompted to set a restrictions passcode if you try to remove your passcode, which we'll show you later in this guide.

Can I change the restrictions passcode? The passcode can't be changed or removed. It's set by Apple, and it should be set for your protection. We say this because if you erase your iPhone accidentally or someone attempts to erase your data, they'll have access to your phone data. You can reset the restrictions passcode through the General option if you want to. However, we'll show you how to do that later in this guide.

If you have your iOS device stolen, your device can be remotely locked to help prevent anyone from accessing your device without a passcode. You can find the remote locking option under your device's settings.

Is there an alternative to changing the restrictions passcode? You can set a PIN to set as the restrictions passcode. You can even choose a number of options with PIN numbers. For example, if you prefer a 4-digit code and you want all numbers to start with '0', then you'll type 09989. You can set up other options, such as the restriction passcode being unique to the device, so it cannot be used on any other device. You can use the following options to set the restrictions passcode:

Device PIN. This is the PIN you'll use to access your device. This has a length of up to four numbers, and it's often used as the passcode. You can easily replace your PIN with a restrictions passcode, but you'll need to get your device to the nearest authorized service provider. We recommend you get this done when the device is lost or stolen, and make sure you're aware of any potential issues and limitations with this method.

What is the default passcode for iPhone 4s restrictions?

Hey everyone. I have been trying to unlock my iPhone 4s with the passcode and it has not been working. I am trying to do this in safe mode, however I am having trouble getting the passcode to work. When I try and enter the code it does not accept it. I am using the 10 digit passcode on my phone and the code is 0000. Is this the default code to unlock the phone?

When I call the customer service at AT&T I am told that it is locked and I need to go into safemode. I have tried this a few times and I have had no luck.

So is there a way to unlock my phone so I can activate my phone without having to go into safemode? Re: ? iTunes will not work in safe mode. If you have iTunes set to update or sync when plugged into a computer, turn it off. If you have iTunes set to update or sync when the iPhone is connected to your computer, turn it off. Unplug your iPhone and leave it alone for a few minutes. When you plug it back in, iTunes will launch. If you are missing a song, go back to Settings and look under "Music" for "Missing." Delete any songs you are missing.

I was able to get around the restrictions. It took a lot of time, but I found a solution. I found it while looking for a solution to my own issue, so I hope this helps someone else.

First, I had my iPhone plugged into my computer and iTunes was updating my music. I unplugged my iPhone, left it alone for 5-10 minutes, then plugged it back in and iTunes launched. I then went to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. I then went to Settings > General > Reset All Settings. Finally, I plugged my iPhone back into my computer. ITunes asked me to enter my passcode to unlock the phone.

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