Can I connect my macbook air to my phone hotspot?

Can I connect my macbook air to my phone hotspot?

I'm on a Macbook Air and would like to use my laptop wifi to share the connection with my iPhone 5 and iPad.

I had been able to do this but now I can no longer. I'm using WPA2 and have been looking online but I cannot figure out what I need to do to get my computers to work with my phone. Thanks for your help!

The easiest method to accomplish this, is to use a wifi-bridge called iStat Menus for mac. If your device's wifi signal isn't good in your home, it may not connect successfully. However, if your device is successfully connected, it will continue to keep the connection even when turned off (ie, sleep mode).

This program also has a few more useful features, such as running "cloud service", and having an app available for the Mac. This is very easy to install as well; just open the App store on your phone, download the program, and it will launch directly upon installation.

How do I turn my Macbook into a hotspot for my iPhone?

I have a Macbook Air, 3G and 2 USB ports.

I have an iPhone 4S, but no Internet access at all. How do I turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot? I have tried to install Airport Utility, but I can't connect to the internet for more than a few minutes before my Mac stops connecting, even though I turn the switch on and off again.

Here's a walkthrough with screenshots of what you should try next. It takes you through steps that are detailed enough that if this doesn't work, you won't need to go through hours of experimentation to figure out the next step.

Open your Settings app on your iPhone. Select General --> Wi-Fi (you should only see Wi-Fi under Settings), and toggle the switch. Connect your iPhone to your Mac. Go to your iPhone's Control Center (not App Store). Click More, then Options. Scroll down until you see "Share Network," which will let you configure your Hotspot Network from your Mac.

Click the Wi-Fi network to connect to, and use the screen below for entering your Wi-Fi information. If everything worked, you should be able to connect via any Wi-Fi device after a few minutes.

Why won't my hotspot show up on my macbook air?

My laptop is connected to my home network via wifi hotspot.

I have a router that has a usb wifi adapter connected to it (I think it's the acer router). My laptop connects to the router and then a mobile broadband connection connects to the router, but when I try to connect to the wifi hotspot on the laptop, it won't connect. My laptop is connected to the wifi hotspot with no problems. I can connect to other wifi hotspots without problems.

I'm not sure if this will help, but I have a second wifi adapter plugged in. It's not used for anything else except the laptop.

I have tried plugging my laptop directly into the router. What could be the problem? I'm pretty sure you need to configure your router to allow access to your laptop's MAC address.

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