How do I connect my iPhone to my Macbook as a personal hotspot?

Can you share internet from Mac to iPhone?

What are the easiest and cheapest way of doing this? I currently have a MacBook Air, running Mountain Lion and use iCloud to store most of my files. My iPhone 4 is currently on iOS 6 and a cheapy 2GB Micro SIM card.

If it makes any difference, I'm an overseas based student and I only need it to share between my MacBook Air and my iPhone. Would it be possible to use my current plan or would I need to get one with unlimited minutes? You could probably go to iTunes and see if you have a setting in there for sharing your connection. I agree with you on that point, though not with your next suggestion, and my answer is - "Yes". Your best option for sharing an Internet connection, especially if you are looking to save money, is a wireless router. A wireless router gives you the ability to choose the network you wish to share; you can pick one of several available types, including wired and wireless, which is then assigned the IP address of your choice. This lets you configure a static IP address, so your device will always be assigned the same IP address, regardless of which computer on the network uses it. Of course, you'll need to set the router to your desired configuration.

You could easily set up a wireless router, which offers the same advantages as a wired router plus the ability to connect to the internet using your phone, tablet, or computer, without needing to plug them into a wall socket. With a wireless router, your devices only need a wireless adapter; you'll then be able to connect using either a cable or a wireless connection. It's important that you choose a router with a supported wireless technology, such as 802.11ac.

It's important to note that a wireless router will need to have access to the internet itself. You won't be able to use the internet from a computer unless it is connected to the router (and thus, the shared Internet connection). As such, make sure you know which devices you want to connect to the internet before you install a wireless router. In my case, my MacBook Air and iPhone 4 are the only computers that will use the router, as they will connect to it directly.

How do I use my Macbook as a hotspot?

This guide will show you how to turn your MacBook Pro (or MacBook Air) into a wireless hotspot for other devices on the network. This is a good way to share an internet connection without running up your data plan.

While the Macbook Pro has a built in ethernet port that is wired directly to the modem/router, there is an option to enable the wireless card as a hotspot. This is a little known feature of the MacBook Pro but it's worth knowing about because it's pretty easy to set up and it doesn't require buying a wireless router or other additional equipment.

This guide will cover both wired and wireless methods for using the Macbook Pro as a hotspot. It will show you how to set it up with the ethernet cable on the back of the machine and with the wireless card. You can also use the wifi card in the Macbook Pro for a wireless hotspot.

Note that most wireless routers require that you purchase a wifi card for the computer in order to be able to create a wireless hotspot. It is possible to create a wireless hotspot by using the wifi card on the Macbook Pro (as shown in the video below), however you must be connected to a wired internet connection when using this method.

What is a hotspot? A hotspot is a public access point for wireless devices, like a wireless router. When you create a hotspot, you are broadcasting wireless signals that can connect with other wireless devices.

How does a hotspot work? A hotspot is basically a virtual wifi network. It has a unique name and password that identifies it to other devices. A hotspot can either be public or private. Public hotspots are more common and free, while private hotspots are more secure and cost money.

Both private and public hotspots require software to be installed on the devices that wish to connect. The software is required in order to send the right wifi signals to other devices, configure settings, and share the internet connection.

Private hotspots are more secure and cost money. Some hotspots are required to be purchased from the internet service provider and some can be set up without purchasing anything.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Macbook as a personal hotspot?

I have a 4S iPhone and I need to use it as a personal hotspot on my Macbook, so that I can be connected to the internet anywhere using my laptop.

Is this possible? Thanks a lot for any kind of help You need to jailbreak your phone with ijailbreak or Pwnage and install Cydia. Follow the instructions given in the steps provided above to open SSH server. Then type "sh" in a terminal which is found in Apps/Utilities folder inside your Cydia directory and enter "ssh". Login in your iphone as your user name is "UserName". "password" is your login password on your iphone. Type "ifconfig" in your iphone terminal in order to find out what's your wifi card. For my iphone I have en1. It has an IP address of 192.168.123. If it is the same for your iphone connect from your laptop to 192. That's all. Hope this helps

I am not familiar with Windows 8, but my understanding is that you can get a similar feature called Hotspot from your WiFi router, if one is available. Look for it in the Settings app, under Network. If not, and your router does not include such functionality then perhaps your ISP or modem manufacturer provides such functionality, if available.

Doing this using Mac OS X (a different Mac OS) works by connecting your iPod to your computer via the USB cable using File /Connect iPod. I believe you have a similar functionality for iPhone devices with iOS 4. (I currently have AirPort Utility 5.1 installed).

If you are running Mac OS X Lion then you need to download iTunes 10.1 or later from Apple's website and run the Software Update Utility to update iTunes to version 10.1 or later, because Apple switched iTunes for Mac to version 10.1 which removed the File /Connect. Button. Unfortunately you cannot run iTunes 10.1 or later on Snow Leopard.

I have the iPhone 4s and I want to use the hotspot feature so I'm able to be connected to the internet using my laptop wherever I go. In my experience, it always has to be in the middle of no where there's no connection to any network.

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