How do I remove all restrictions from my iPhone?

How do I remove all restrictions from my iPhone?

If you want to get a free iPhone without being tied down by your mobile provider's terms and conditions, the first thing you'll want to do is switch from your current data plan to Apple's Mobile Share Lite, their new low-cost unlimited service.

You'll get to roam on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint's networks and save money when you send and receive messages, make phone calls, send texts, and surf the web via Wi-Fi or data-only connections. That said, the trick to getting this type of unlimited data and voice usage for little cost is to change from your existing wireless carrier with its service plan to the new one that provides the same service, but is less expensive, and thus cheaper per month for the consumer.

With Apple's new Mobile Share Lite, iPhone users can now call a limited number of local destinations within the United States and Canada for free using Wi-Fi calling. If you live in a location served by the network, or don't have access to a better plan, Apple has also made sure that your outgoing, US calls are "fully-internationalized" so they're counted toward the monthly minute limit of all carriers worldwide. Users must maintain WiFi or 3G/4G connections, though, and they will be charged for any "additional calls outside of a covered area (US & Canada)."

When I turn off airplane mode and make a call, can you tell which carrier the call was on? Yes, it takes about 2 seconds for them to be able to tell what service company the call originated from. After switching to the Mobile Share Lite, iPhone and iPad customers can be assured of never having to pay twice for the same data usage (on both the prepaid and retail plans).

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