How long will my Apple ID be locked for security reasons?

What to do if your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons to unlock it?

It has happened.

Your Apple ID is locked from access and a warning will appear in the account section.

How to resolve? Let's see the steps to unlock the ID. Click on Account at the top and then Advanced Options, as in the figure. You will see all options that you have chosen at the time of Apple ID creation.

Select Account > Settings > Mail, Calendar, Contacts. You will see two options there, Sign In and Password. This is where your Apple ID is locked.

Press Choose, Allow Notifications and finally OK. Once done, press the Next button at the top of the screen. You will be redirected to the Password settings page.

Here you have a chance to change your password by typing it or just pressing the option to change. The system will prompt you to use a fingerprint if you select the latter option. If you change the password just once in the system, it will be good enough for unlocking the Apple ID. Otherwise, you have to log in first then change the password.

The next step will ask you to re-enter your current password. Once you enter it the system will validate it before changing your password in the database.

Now you are ready to proceed and enter your new password. Just click on the Next button at the top of the page.

Once the process is done, the ID will be unlocked. As usual, if you have more doubts or errors, drop us a comment below. If this article was helpful to you and helped you to resolve your problem, share this content with your friends by using the social sharing buttons available below. Your Email Address (Required). I am an enthusiast of Android, iOS and Windows Technology. I love spending my time tinkering with technology and writing about it. I am a full-time Blogger, Editor, Author, Web Developer and Writer from Haryana, India. I love to explore latest trends in the Technology World & also help people through Tech News, Tips and Various Tutorials.

How long will my Apple ID be locked for security reasons?

Your Apple ID and the credit cards you use to purchase content will be locked for a minimum of six months, and a maximum of two years.

You'll get a notification in iTunes about your account being locked. After that time, you can still purchase content from the App Store, but only if you're the account owner or have been given permission to access it by the account owner.

If someone else has access to your Apple ID, they can make purchases in your name. They'll also be able to download your purchases and sync them to their devices. If you want to make purchases using someone else's Apple ID, you need to add that person as an administrator. When they do, you can choose which apps and purchases to share with them.

Can I change my password? Yes, if you have administrator permissions on the account. Change your password by going to Settings > Apple ID > Password. For help with your password, see Add another user to your Apple ID.

Can I sign out of my account? No, but you can close your account, in Settings > Apple ID. If you close your account, you can't access your purchased content, apps, or documents.

Can I restore my account? You can use the Restore Purchases feature in iTunes to restore your content purchases. The process is similar to uninstalling and reinstalling an app, except you don't need to uninstall it first. From the App Store, select Purchased, click the Restore button, and then enter your iTunes password.

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