How do I scrape data from a website using Chrome extension?

How do I extract data from Chrome to Excel?

I'm trying to copy a link from the address bar of a web page and copy it over to Excel.

The data would go in cell B1. How do I do this in VBA for excel? I've tried to reference this, but don't understand how to code. The problem is that the data changes once I press the button and I need to have it pull data continuously. I appreciate the help. Thx.

Use Shell("chrome.exe", vbHide) function and then send the URL variable to ws.Range("B1") (or change range to your liking). The link will be in Range("Link").Value variable.

Sub getLink(). Dim ws As Worksheet: Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet2") 'change name/index to the name of your actual worksheet Dim strURL As String: strURL = ws.Range("Link").Value
Dim ie As Object. Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") ie.navigate "" & strURL
Ie.visible = True Do While ie.Busy: DoEvents: Loop ie.document.getElementById("title").Value = ws.Range("Link").Value
Ws.Range("B1") Value = ie.getElementByID("title").Value
Set ie = Nothing. End Sub. EDIT. If there can be multiple links you can use (as you mentioned before): Option Explicit. Public Const URLCOL = "B". Public Const PRINTABLECOL = "C". Sub GetLNk(). Dim ws As Worksheet: Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet2") 'change name/index to the name of your actual worksheet Dim strURL As String: strURL = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range(URLCOL).Value
Dim ie As Object, iLoop As Long. Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") With ie. .com/" & strURL .Visible = True Do While .Busy Or .

How do I automatically extract data from a website to Excel?

I currently have some code that automatically extracts data from different website but am looking for a similar solution for extracting data from just one website or one URL.

I can already find the data from the website (eg I can find the data I want just with: ) - but I would like to be able to do something like a copy and paste. Eg extract. To
And then repeat this for each site eg if I want to extract from etc. I am using python but am open to python alternatives or other coding languages eg Java or C+. I know there must be a module that has been built for just this, if not even a standard library I should use? Any help would be much appreciated! First you need to set a cookie for that domain in your browser. Once you can see that data on that domain that's easy to scrape. Once you're scraping you can just add to your own file as a CSV. Here's a link to how to go about pulling those cookies for Firefox
And here is a link for setting the cookies with JavaScript (you could try with Selenium?

Can Chrome extensions scrape data?

I am building a chrome extension which gets current weather for every city on earth.

Will it cause any data leakage or privacy issues? I'm only asking because I am worried about the potential privacy risk, so it's possible that I don't know what I don't know. Data is the main concern of Chrome extensions. If you have the necessary permissions and you don't use private APIs to obtain data, you're fine. The worst that can happen is that your users will be annoyed at you when the website they're using shows ads on the extension.

How do I scrape data from a website using Chrome extension?

I want to scrape data from a website using a Chrome extension.

I'm building the extension with Chrome extension template and I want to be able to scrape data from the website when users are logged in.

I have read the documentation on chrome.webRequest API and how to interact with websites but I have no idea how to do it. I've also seen people talking about "content scripts" but again I have no idea what that is. Can anyone please give me an example of how to scrape data from a website using a Chrome extension?

A content script is a browser extension that runs in the context of the web page. It can be used to modify the page, to show a pop-up or even to show the user some details about the page (using the Page info API). The advantage of content scripts is that they are very lightweight and can run very quickly. They are also independent from the rest of the extension so that you can easily keep them separated in different files.

Content scripts have a disadvantage though: they are limited in scope. You can't access the Chrome API and you can't make any changes to the page (it's restricted to the page context).

If you need to change the page you will have to run a background script, which can use the Chrome API and even the Chrome DOM. You can also manipulate the page using XHR or even using iframes to run server-side code in the background page context.

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