What is the Triticum aestivum?

What is Triticum aestivum used for?

Wheat is used for breads and breakfast cereals.

Wheat is a common ingredient in some snack foods and other processed foods. It's also a major component of pasta and couscous.

How is Triticum aestivum made into food? Wheat seeds are first cracked, or germinated. Then the plant's starchy endosperm is removed. A bran and germ mixture is left. The flour is then milled to produce different grades of white, whole-wheat and colored flour.

What's the difference between white and whole wheat flour? Whole wheat flour is ground from the entire wheat berry. It can be made from hard red winter wheat or soft white wheat. White flour is made from only the starchy endosperm portion of the wheat berry. White flour is bleached, degermed and refined. It's available in a broad range of protein content and flavor, depending on the type of wheat, the processing, and the manufacturer.

What's the difference between hard and soft wheat? Hard wheat contains more protein, which gives the wheat its starchy quality. Hard wheat also has a tough outer husk that must be removed before milling. Soft wheat contains less protein and fewer gluten strands, making it better for tenderizing meat and sauces.

What's the difference between durum wheat and semi-durum wheat? Durum wheat is the hardiest, highest protein strain of wheat. It's best for breads. Semi-durum wheat is moderately hardy. It's used for more everyday breads.

What is Triticum turgidum? It's sometimes referred to as kamut, triticale or durum wheat. It's a hybrid that's used to increase protein and yield in hard wheat varieties.

What is Trichothecium lignorum? It's a fungus that is used for food and medical purposes. It has antifungal properties and is used as a live biological food additive.

How do I know what grade of flour I'm buying? Look for the words whole wheat or whole grain on the label.

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