What are content curation skills?

What are the 3 types of content curation?

Are you interested in what content curation is?

Have you seen the benefits of content curation but don't understand the types of curation to use? The first version of this video on Content Curation was released a few years ago and I've seen the growth and development of content curation since then. The more I look back through my videos and website updates, I see a significant improvement in both the overall clarity and depth of my writing, as well as an evolution in my understanding of and interest in the topic.

I wanted to share some recent knowledge on content curation that I've found to be useful: Types of content curation: In-depth, content creation. Summary and summary creation. Explainer content. Educational/curative content. In-depth, content creation can provide context by using facts, data, and/or analysis. It could be something simple like creating a comparison chart or a review like Best Buy vs Cnet for phones, or something complex like creating an in-depth report or a step by step DIY guide. In general, in-depth content doesn't use text; however, in the past, the term in-depth was often synonymous with in depth which includes text, infographics, and images to create a deep analysis of topics.

Summary content comes after an in-depth, step by step approach. The term summary refers to a method of summarizing a topic from a high level and condensing the main points of a long article. Summarizing works well for quickly learning about the subject matter in a more readable way.

Explainer content includes text but is intended to be easy to consume for a beginner audience and has little or no additional content. An example would be if I were explaining to someone how to do something via a video. When I explain to someone to start recording a video tutorial, I'll use short phrases like Just record a video, and I'll edit it together. And if you watch my video series on YouTube where I explain how to make something, it's clear that the text is minimal because I want to provide all the information necessary without overloading you.

What is an example of content curation?

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In our previous post about content curation, you've read a few definitions about what content curation actually is and some examples.

Now, after reading the post, you probably understand how content curation works and maybe you are even a bit curious about how to start a content curation blog or website, right? If yes, I will definitely give you a piece of advice which will help you start your own personal content curation blog with a high quality of content.

If you want to keep reading and learn more about it in the process, just keep reading. The biggest problem you have now is that you have a bunch of articles about content curation, and you cannot really decide which one is the best content on how to start a content curation blog. I don't know if it's because you are not sure which one to choose or you are just lazy. And this is something you should definitely fix as you need to know which one is the best content on how to start a content curation blog that you can add to your blog to create high-quality traffic for your site. But then, where do you find a reliable source to refer to?

To solve this problem, I came up with a system to organize and rank my posts based on different elements. Of course, this is not an automatic system, but it gives me a good starting point and I can use this ranking to decide which post is the most appropriate for your blog. So, now that we've understood what is content curation and now that we know how it works, let's start our journey to get more visitors for our content curation blog.

So, now that we've started our journey, I wanted to present my first blog post with a list of questions that I always ask myself before publishing a post. I will ask you similar questions in this post about content curation, but I don't expect you to answer every question with a ready-made answer, because every blog is different and depends on the type of audience they try to reach. But, the answers are very useful to me as I've learned how my audience thinks and what kind of blogs I should promote on my content curation blog. I hope you like them.

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