What does a QA tester do in games?

What states have the most video game quality assurance tester jobs?

With games becoming more and more complex, video game developers are relying more and more on QA testers to make sure that the final products are as polished as possible.

If you're looking for video game QA jobs, we've gathered the best sites to look at.

What are the best sites for video game QA tester jobs? It's tough to find video game QA jobs. In fact, some job boards will even tell you that there are no video game QA jobs! However, this is a mistake - there are plenty of QA jobs out there, just waiting for the right candidate to come along. So if you're looking for video game QA jobs, it's best to check these sites first.

Top Game Tester. Top Game Tester is one of the best sites for video game QA jobs. It features an extensive list of video game QA testing positions, along with videos and other resources to help you succeed. They also have a dedicated section where you can search for specific roles or companies.

QA Jobs. QA Jobs features a searchable database of QA jobs. You can search by company, location, and even by job type. The database includes information about job types, details about the company, and the dates that positions are available.

Playtest Jobs. Playtest Jobs is a site that lists all of the companies that offer video game QA jobs. They're easy to use, with an intuitive layout and simple navigation. You can search for jobs by location, or by the type of job.

Video Game Jobs. Video Game Jobs has a selection of different categories, including QA jobs, Artistic jobs, and other jobs. They also have a section dedicated to QA Jobs, which features a number of specific jobs, such as Game Analyst and Tester.

GamesQA Jobs. GamesQA Jobs offers an array of different categories, including video game QA jobs, testing jobs, and QA internships. They also have a dedicated section where you can search for QA jobs by location.

How much does a video game QA tester make?

The median annual wage for all occupations in the U.

St31 in September 2023.

Video game QA tester salaries fall into the medium of all occupations and are based on the job title. Video game QA tester salaries tend to increase at a faster rate than the overall growth rate of all occupations. Salaries for all other occupations in the U. Vary from the average video game QA tester salary for reasons such as level of education, experience, and industry trends. The following list outlines several reasons that a video game QA tester salary may be higher or lower than the U. Average video game QA tester salary, by location.

Video Game QA Tester Locations. Video game QA tester salaries vary across the U. A video game QA tester salary in the state of Alaska is higher than the national average, which is higher than all the other states. The lowest video game QA tester salary in the country can be found in California.

According to the U. There were 17,250,000 people working in the state of California in 2023.

What does a QA tester do in games?

It's an odd thing to admit, but I don't think I really do it anymore.

That's not entirely true. I still find myself doing it a little bit, for testing tools or looking for bugs, but not as frequently. Why?

At one time I felt as if my job was to find bugs in our games, and that was a great, easy challenge to take on. Now, though, we're getting ready for our next wave of updates and we've gotten rid of the more egregious problems.

I'm not just talking about technical bugs here. I mean quality assurance - the QA tester's job is not so much to find bugs, but to find flaws in how things are made, how they work, what they should be doing and their potential to harm you. Finding any and all problems, regardless of their existence or lack thereof, that can arise because of the ways we play this game.

At first, I couldn't wait to get started on new projects. I loved my old job, but I don't want to feel like I have to do it over again every time we bring a new game out. So, I found myself dreading some of our next releases, until went into alpha and things started becoming a lot more challenging.

Then I started thinking more about what else I could do. I didn't want to spend my days playing new copies of the game. And I didn't want to spend them testing our new versions to try and catch bugs and problems. I wanted something else, maybe something a little bit different. It took a lot of effort to figure out what I wanted to do, and it still isn't over, but I think that I've managed to find something I enjoy.

So how did I manage to find a new favorite pastime? I think I'll talk about some of the ways I've found new avenues to get to it. One thing I've done is to join another QA team. Our QA team gets together every few months or so to play some of our games and test each other's bugs and make sure they don't pop up when they shouldn't.

How to be a video game tester?

The game testing profession is highly competitive and requires great knowledge of video games and software engineering. You need to be self-confident, resourceful, creative, and hardworking.

As a tester, you need to learn to evaluate software based on its function, not just its form. You will play games all day, and if you're doing your job correctly, the game will be the last thing you think about. But if you're paying attention, you might notice that it's not quite right. Or you might discover something that you haven't seen before. This can be a great learning opportunity, and as you grow in your career, you can be more valuable than ever.

But to get started in the game testing profession, you need to be able to evaluate games on their merits. That means being able to recognize when a game is broken and needs to be fixed.

Why game testers exist. The game testing profession is different from other testing professions because game testers are not in it for the money. We work for game companies because we love what we do, and we want to help create the best games possible.

As a game tester, you're not there to evaluate the business model of the game. You're there to make sure the game works and looks good.

That might seem obvious, but it's still important to explain why this is true. Imagine a car dealership with one car in the showroom that doesn't work. The car dealer would sell that car for parts. They wouldn't sell it as a whole car because they couldn't make money on that car. A game tester who tests the car in the showroom isn't there to test the business model. He or she is there to test the game.

In fact, game testers are so focused on testing games that they often don't even have time to take a look at the business model. That's because they want to know if the game works. As a tester, you might have to work for a game company for years before you get to evaluate the business model.

The game testing profession isn't easy. It's challenging, and it requires a high level of skill and professionalism.

Is QA game testing a good career?

- I don't work on game testing

When people ask me what I do for a living, and I reply, "QA game testing" most tend to respond in disgust, and tell me that I should stick to what I know and find another job.

Why would I go through all the trouble of getting into a game industry related career, I can make loads of money as a plumber or mohammedi without the risk and stress, right? (That is how many people see it). And I think, 'Well why do other people want to get into game testing then? Why do they make it so hard on themselves?'
If the answer lies in the career opportunities offered by video games and gaming companies I suppose they are not wrong. Game play testing has a reputation of being the most gruelling and least glamorous job within the gaming industry and it's not surprising considering the hours involved. With the advent of QA in the last couple of years some game companies appear to be shifting away from this kind of methodical and exhaustive testing towards the idea of relying on their players to report issues with their games much in the same way Sony have a customer service line called XMB (PlayStation Media Centre) which allows gamers to call up and request certain functionality within the device itself. In my view this move away from professional QA has more to do with budget and manpower than it does about reducing time and effort required to find a bug. On some levels this makes sense since many of us are well aware that QA do an awesome job (pun intended!) and spend countless hours trying to find ways for us to play games for free while still having them paid for. With the move towards player reporting I feel we are moving away from a game industry that values hard work and passion (two things we tend to associate with a QA at heart) to a place where QA are considered more of a commodity and cheap labor, where we can expect a decent quality of work from within our budgets if we are lucky enough to get lucky.

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