How did Spock's dad marry a human?

Who was Sarek's first wife?

(or were they one and the same?)

They were the same person. I remember being quite confused by this. Why was Sarek not married to his first wife? And how did she die? So I did some research.

On Memory Alpha, it was established that "Sarek was married to a Vulcan woman named M'Ress, who was killed on Vulcan shortly before the crew of Enterprise arrived. She was pregnant at the time of her death."
We then learn that "In 2154, the Vulcan ship K'Vort captured Sarek and held him captive. He and M'Ress were married to each other in that year. Sarek was unable to return to Vulcan to be with his wife, as his presence there would have violated the Prime Directive."
"Sarek's second wife, T'Kuvma, had been a Vulcan ambassador, and later she became leader of the Vulcan resistance movement against the government. She was eventually executed for her role in the revolt."
So it appears that his first wife died before he married his second wife. It is unclear why his first wife died, but perhaps the death was an accident.

However, in the alternate timeline in which Sarek did not visit Earth, he tells his son that his first wife died of an illness in 2153. The son asked him why he was not with her, to which Sarek replied that he "was with his second wife, T'Kuvma." This can be taken as an indication that Sarek had been with his first wife until that point.

When did Sarek and Amanda get married?

That is the title of a story I recently told on our podcast.

The answer is one of our first encounters and I'm so happy to hear the sound of this voice still reverberating through all our different lives. This voice has brought us to different places, it has changed us into the person we are, and maybe is the reason why people seem to have so much interest in us and what we do.

It's funny how everything from a simple conversation with somebody can change your life for the better or worse. When it's the latter then we get to enjoy a really sweet story about two actors who met a long time ago to discuss a certain topic - an actual conversation you can listen to here: I met him on a train ride, I was a kid and were both heading home. I had just finished a play at the Theatre in the Round and he was playing Hamlet and I was watching him with the rest of theatre. The audience was so moved by his performance that I walked over to him. I'm pretty sure I was crying. We were talking about art and creativity and theatre and he said that the most important thing in the world is finding your art, no matter how absurd it might sound.

I still remember how much I loved that, and I still believe it, it's the only way to survive when you find a passion and do it with such intensity that you forget what's the difference between love and life. There's no room to think about anything else.

When we met the idea of talking about all that in our podcast was just ridiculous, but in real life it became pretty clear to us how much we still loved each other and connected in almost every little part of our lives. Not only have we stayed together, but we have also grown up together in a different kind of way. It has been amazing to see how well we understood each other during our years as actors.

How many human wives did Sarek have?


Four? How many planets has he been away from? If, as Spock has explained, "The time dilation of a planet is ten times normal, when one is gone for more than a day on board the Enterprise", does that mean that Spock might be able to count how many times Sarek has been away from the Enterprise?

In theory I could argue this could get quite complicated but since no matter how great his time dilation on a planet (10 times normal), if there are three wives and two planets (that will mean he would return twice from each planet to Sarek) it would come down to 3 times 10 minutes = 3 times 120 seconds. Of course the actual scenario is more complex but even using this basic math logic, Spock has not traveled back to Sarek more than two times within a 24 hour period on the Enterprise.

I understand what you are getting at, but to directly address my question at hand, Spock never said that he traveled back "more than two times within a 24 hour period" - he merely stated that it was less than 2 hours. You did not need to get this precise because there was no contradiction here.

"He went in for two trips, one a minute after the other, about an hour and a half apart." (Kirk/McCoy in TOS) "It took me about 20 minutes to get from that position to this one (the Vulcan position) while under heavy acceleration" (McCOY in TOS). There is no contradiction between these statements. McCoy simply states that it takes him an hour and a half to get from point A to point B. That statement is made by McCoy. Spock says that it takes him ten minutes to get from Point A to Point B. He also makes this statement to Kirk. So, Spock could have walked between Point A and Point B in a few minutes, but he also could have used transporter, or he could just be making this number up. McCoy's point however (that it would take at least an hour to walk to position B) was a relevant statement in an argument being made by Kirk that Spock can't be right.

However, there is no contradiction with the statements. You simply have to choose one side of the argument or the other.

How did Spock's dad marry a human?


Toward the end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Captain Kirk announces to his first officer, Spock, that they will marry. Spock's father, Sarek, gives his blessing, but there is a problem: "What of the human half of your race? She is half human, half Vulcan." Spock informs Kirk that his human mother, Amanda, knew that she was pregnant with him before she had sexual intercourse with Sarek. After Sarek gives his consent, Amanda and Spock wed.

Amanda's pregnancy before the mating is a little unusual, even by Vulcan standards. I know, because I asked my husband, who is an expert on Vulcan reproductive customs. He told me that pre-mating sex is not considered taboo, but that it must be practiced only within strict limits. "You have to be in a relationship that is both committed and exclusive," he said, "and you have to have a real emotional bond, as well as physical chemistry, to make that work." As for Sarek, my husband told me that he and his Vulcan "mates" (that is, partners) follow the rules about pre-mating sex, but not in the same way that they follow other rules. And when Amanda marries Spock, she is both pregnant and already married. Spock tells Kirk that his mother has "already done what she had to do," and that "as an adult she knows what must be."

This is all fascinating to me, especially the part about not doing something just because someone says it's the right thing to do. Is it wrong for Amanda to have a baby before Sarek and she are actually married? If so, why? It seems like she did what was necessary to take care of her baby. As Spock says, she knows what she has to do. (I've always thought this is true of humans, too, but maybe I'm just being prejudiced.)

I'm not entirely sure that human/Vulcan intermarriage is completely impossible (after all, Uhura and Sarek's son, Harry Mudd, is a product of such an alliance), but I do want to know: Did Mr. Spock ever do anything about marrying a human? Why would he have agreed to marry her if he knew that she wasn't actually married to him?

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