Why is Google showing webpage not available on iPhone?

Why is Google showing webpage not available on iPhone?

I am unable to view a website on my iPhone 4.

I can view the webpage fine in google chrome on my laptop. When I search for the website I am trying to view on my iPhone. The search results are all negative (the website is not available). However, if I go to google.com via my iPhone I can view the page fine.

Also, if I visit google.com by direct typing on the iPhone it also shows up fine.

So why does the iPhone keep telling me the page is not available but yet it does show up? Has google changed their site recently? This is more to be specific about the DNS Server issue. I did not check on your DNS Server and I do agree with my previous point to be specific. Just to point out that the iPhone browser works fine as you explained above. But, If
You want to have your own personal DNS and DNS cache server on your local network, then you should have a DNS server. The first step, I believe, would be to verify DNS cache servers from Apple's developer portal. You are correct. Although most websites use cached DNS when possible; Google uses an internal DNS server and is caching. But on my iphone it is just returning negative search results, which would lead me to believe the DNS server is not properly functioning.

But I am assuming this to mean I need to have a caching DNS server such as. 1) DNSMasq. 2) Unbound. 3) Quad9. 4) Smoothwall DNS. Please note that the DNSMasq and quad9 will work fine if we use them within a public facing network however I am not sure how these cache DNS and the Unbound or Smoothwall DNS caches will work on a private network. My iPhone is also connected to a private network and so I believe I would need to use one of the other two DNS servers if the issue persists.

You mentioned about the dnsmasq on the developer portal. Are you referring to the fact that dnsmasq will cache dns requests?

Why does Google app keep saying webpage not available?

I was trying to install Google Chrome browser from its .

Deb package that is available on Ubuntu 64 bit and after installing it, the browser keeps showing up "Page not found" when I hit the refresh button. This has been happening for some days now. The problem started after I installed Google chrome 8.0 through the Google Apps installer (Ubuntu 8.04, 64 bit). After doing a lot of research and searching the Internet I found one solution to this problem but it has me stuck. Here is the link to the solution The problem was that while browsing in the download page for Google Chrome browser from the link above, it kept returning a "web page not available" page and after doing some research and testing and checking other sources I found out that all the other .deb packages for the browser are being sent to Ubuntu's apt package repository and thus it is being retrieved via Apt get rather than a direct download. To resolve the issue, please follow the steps in the solution. In my case, it went fine except that the browser is set as the default browser instead of Mozilla firefox 3.

I was unable to find a solution at first and just downloaded the .deb file manually.

You are supposed to run sudo apt-get purge google-chrome and then you can reinstall it from a .deb file which is found at I think the main thing that would be preventing you from going back to the way things were working would be the fact that they have taken the "easy" way out of updating your settings. What they did was create a script that will simply update the files. For you, it's different. You need to modify your /etc/apt/sources.list file to include the Google's site. Then once you change it to a normal source, it's ready for any future updates. So you would probably want to do:

#sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.

How do I fix Google Chrome not loading pages on iPhone?

I have a problem with Google Chrome.

It is not loading the pages on iPhone and iPad. I'm using Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89. When I click on a link on the phone, the page gets loaded on the screen and it stops. I already tried to solve it by clearing the cache, changing the DNS setting on the phone, changing the proxy settings on the phone. I tried to add an exception for the URL and I didn't find a solution. Any ideas?

I found the answer to my own question. I just needed to delete the content of the cache folder. I don't know how this works on Android, but on iOS, deleting the cache folder works.

Why does Google say Safari Cannot open page?

Recently we ran into an issue where one of our visitors is having trouble opening the Google home page.

The issue seems to happen on Windows OS and in Safari.e. After clicking on the Google home page and some pages (but not all) a error saying "Safari Cannot open page" pops up on the browser window.

The issue doesn't seem to be resolved after logging out of Google and back in. If you are experiencing the same problem, we recommend you try to restart your PC to see if that fixes the issue.

Thanks for your help! Regards. Kasie If it does not clear up with a reboot, it could be due to a DNS record from your ISP being blocked. In this case I would recommend going into your browser settings and change the DNS to your ISP's DNS. This should clear up the issue.

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