What is a Squid proxy?

Does Squid proxy work with https?

I am trying to get squid working on the vps I have.

I followed all instructions from squid wiki and all is running smoothy. However, I am not getting a https version of web page. I can view the secure page fine via my browser on my computer. I am not seeing anything that points me to a possible cause. I am guessing the certificate is failing or in the ssl settings in httpd or the config of squid itself. I really am not that experienced with vps, apache, and squid so I am thinking I am missing something.

If you see the SSL certificate fail, that would suggest that the server has set up a custom certificate. So first test to see if the certificate file and private key are located in the right directories on the apache server. If that works, try to figure out how they are different. It might be that the client side is configured with a different path for private keys or certificates. That could be done via a certificate or through configuration settings on the client side.

What is a Squid proxy?

A squid proxy is a method of providing caching and content filtering for a large number of computers by using a central server.

It is commonly used as an alternative to using a firewall, to block access to certain sites from computers that are not connected directly to the Internet.

The web proxy has become a standard tool for protecting the users from accessing unsafe websites. The proxy server can help to protect your privacy and avoid any kind of viruses, which can harm your computer. It also enables you to avoid visiting dangerous websites and downloading illegal software.

Is it possible to download torrents with a squid proxy? Yes, you can download torrents and other files with a proxy server. It is the best way to do this because it allows you to watch torrents without being monitored by the ISP. To download torrents or any other file through a proxy server, you need to follow the steps given below.

In the proxy settings, set the port number as 3128. In the Host name, set the IP address of the proxy server. Save the settings and restart your browser. Steps to Use A Proxy Server to Download Torrents. In your browser, go to the website where you want to download the torrent. If the website does not support torrent download, then click on the option Click here to download the file. After clicking on the above mentioned option, a new window will appear. You can choose the language in which you want the file to be downloaded.

Now, a new popup window will appear. You can download the torrent file by clicking on the Download button.

Note: If you want to download torrent files with a proxy server, make sure you have updated the proxy settings. You can use the Firefox and Chrome browser to download torrents.

How to Use a Proxy Server to Download Torrents? To download torrents, you need to follow the steps given below:

How to use squid for https proxy?

I am trying to set up a https proxy using squid.

I am able to access the https pages from the client side browser. I can't however seem to see the server side requests on the server. When I enable logging on squid I only see the requests from the client side browser. I have been doing some research and got some advice. However I am not sure how to go about making the requests on the server side

If you are behind a common DNS name for the proxy servers, you can easily setup a reverse proxy (modproxy) using: ProxyRequests On. ProxyPreserveHost On. ProxyRemote HostnameOfProxyServer Requests. This is very simple but it could also be combined with other more complicated setups. For more information, see the Apache HTTP Server Wiki.

Does squid cache https?

We need to cache a large web page.

I was reading about squid and I thought maybe squid could be configured to cache a page from Is this possible? There are a few ways you can do it but none of them are easy. You can setup Squid on your server and run it behind the firewall without using IP tables, and cache the page from outside using your normal DNS. This is easiest, unless you have a large firewall block.

You can set up an ssl-vpn, or just use a load balancer like haproxy to load balance over https between multiple backend servers. Again, if you have a large firewall this might be the easiest approach You can just use modcache on apache and pass the request through to squid.

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