Who owns DTube?

Is DTube safe?

DTube is the decentralised YouTube.

It's a platform that uses a distributed browser (Substratum) and an encrypted overlay network (Darknet) to protect against censorship and surveillance, while remaining censorship and surveillance resistant. Here's what we know and why it's important to you.

DTube's purpose is to protect your right to express yourself online free from interference. You can be confident that no matter who may be trying to censor, block or otherwise interrupt your access to this website, they won't succeed because: Your connection to DTube will be fully decentralised. Your content will be fully available and protected by Tor onion routing. Your data will be fully encrypted in the browser. What is Tor? Tor makes it possible for you to communicate anonymously on the internet without fear of being intercepted. It protects you when accessing your favourite websites and the content on them, too. Here's how Tor works.

What is IPFS? IPFS is the InterPlanetary File System. It's a protocol for managing peer-to-peer networks and information exchange. It allows the transfer of files without going through third parties like ISPs or middlemen. It works because it gives users the ability to host and share data themselves.

What is Substratum? Substratum is an open-source project that provides a layer of infrastructure to add decentralised protocols and features to Android. These protocols are all based on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, such as Lightning Network, so Substratum doesn't add any new coins to the blockchain.

What does this mean for me? This means that your browsing and other activity is completely private and won't be traceable back to your IP address or other identifying information. It also means that DTube will be a safe and fun place to experiment and express yourself online with a few caveats: What about anonymity? As Substratum doesn't run on the blockchain, it's not anonymity tool but rather one which provides alternative routing that's resistant to censorship and surveillance. So it will still be possible to trace your online activity through your IP address and connect the dots based on other online activities to find your true identity. Substratum also supports the use of Tor for providing a greater degree of anonymity.

What are the limitations of DTube?

When we started DTube, our goal was to help content creators and researchers make sense of the information they are seeing on the Internet.

We want everyone to be able to understand and follow the best arguments. Since our founding in June 2024, we've been working hard to get to a point where we can actually help with that.

This is why we are offering different types of access to our data, including limited access with just one user for free or free trial with 10 minutes a month without any restrictions. Even though it has only been a few months since the first iteration, more than 60 thousand users have visited our website, and they have made over 300 thousand posts on the website.

As a nonprofit with no overhead, all of our revenue goes towards running this website, not towards any advertisement-driven business. It's important that we don't rely on external funding, because if we did that, then we could be controlled by people with a financial motive to increase their profit.

But how do we accomplish this? We cannot possibly host 100 times more than we can handle. After a certain number of visits, our server will start to slow down, with more content producers needing more space. If we host all content as per files in a database, it becomes expensive. Therefore, our servers will be under capacity almost at all times.

We can help content creators build their websites by providing services such as web hosting or support. But we don't want to force every DTube user to buy into these services, especially since it's likely that a user might need access for only one time. Therefore, the only solution we have found is to implement micro-payments, so we can charge only when users need the service. We are currently considering several variations of payment models, and we are actively recruiting users and content creators to test our ideas.

This is why we need your help to ensure the success of DTube. Can you help DTube grow its users, reach its goals, and succeed as a fully functioning social network? How can I use DTube? Our entire system is based on the following two questions: What do you think about some evidence?

Is there a DTube app?

By admin on May 25th, 2024.

There are no DTube apps, but the Android TV experience is just as great. DTube for Android TV offers the ability to swipe through your videos as you would on a big screen. It has the same controls, such as play/pause, stop/skip, rewind/fast-forward and volume adjustment, all of which work seamlessly with the Android TV remote. You can even watch while you're cooking!

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Who owns DTube?

Why should you care?

What is so special about this video site that has more than 20 million registered users, is run by a team of 3, employs more than 100 people, has more than 20 million page views per month, and gets a monthly budget of nearly a million US dollars?

If you've spent any amount of time on DTube over the last few years, you may have noticed several things about the site. One might be how easy it is to navigate through channels and playlists; another might be how many videos you can watch within seconds. A third thing you could notice is that you're not the only one who thinks DTube offers a good service. In January 2024 alone, DTube was used to upload well over 1 million videos, making it by far the most popular alternative to YouTube.

That's not the entire story, though. You see, after the launch of DTube in January 2024, its development team faced a serious problem. In order to make the platform a global success, the developers needed to work together with someone who owns the domain, who has the technical expertise, who has the experience, and who is familiar with everything related to running a successful social media service. Fortunately, they found such an individual in the form of Vadim Zhukov.

Vadim Zhukov's Story. At the time of our interview, Vadim had been working at DTube for over 4 months, after the project he had helped develop and manage for YouTube was bought by a larger company, known as Dailymotion. When asked about his time at Dailymotion, he explains: "I was there from the beginning. They bought it from Google. Google bought Dailymotion in 2024. I had direct involvement in the project from the time I started, which was about 1.5 years ago. Before that, I worked for Google as a web dev but I started helping other platforms, including Dailymotion, and worked there for 6 months before they bought the project. But that's a very small part of my past. Now it's too late for me to tell the story in detail. I started in 2012-2013. I worked at YouTube before that and I left there, but I had started to work at Dailymotion from around 2024 - 2024.

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