How do I get Huawei Health app on Google?

Is Huawei Health app discontinued?

My Huawei P30 Lite Android phone got a major update yesterday.

The update includes two apps Huawei Health and Huawei Care. They were replaced with the same Huawei Care app which can only help me with basic user instructions. If anyone can check if these two apps are still available, please let me know. Thanks!

Huawei Health is the health-management app for the Huawei consumer devices like, smartphones, tablet, smart watch, PC, etc. If you want to know any detail of your physical condition from your personal doctor and you have Huawei device, this app is very useful for you. Huawei Care is the care-tracking app which helps you to track your activities and to stay healthy. But for the moment, Huawei Care seems to not able to connect to the mobile network (I can see in the notification panel that it does not get connected). It may be a problem of the Huawei Care or may be just my network connection.

When I installed the Huawei Care, it asked for the permission to the Health app. After installing the Huawei Care, I could not launch Huawei Health. But after some minutes, I found that the Huawei Care app launches Huawei Health automatically.

Huawei is currently testing a new feature called 'HUAWEI CARE - Keep healthy together'. The test version is already launched in China. It is currently rolling out to the Global users as well.

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Why is Huawei Health not syncing with Google Fit?

And since switching, I notice that my Huawei health tracker is not syncing with Google fit.

Why is this? Is it a privacy issue, or did I do something wrong? I've connected it via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, restarted it, disabled all the apps connected to health tracking, turned on the tracking device's data export, and disabled all the privacy mode features. But nothing! This is a major problem, as it means that my step count, heart rate, etc are all useless if not for the Google fit app in Android. According to this article it could be a "curse". A curse is the name for the kind of thing that's so frustrating it seems like it was designed to make life miserable. And in the FAQ it says: How does the Huawei Health app handle information about my body? We do not use any of your personal information when creating, uploading, and displaying information about your health. We create only anonymized data about your activities, such as steps taken and calories burned.

I suggest you contact Huawei regarding this issue and ask for answer, maybe they will provide one. If that doesn't work try a workaround, perhaps the problem might be with the Android version of the app, then a workaround might be to just download and install the original app from Play Store and see if it works fine in this version.

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