Is there a WiFi finder app?

Can you trace a WiFi signal?

If the question can be answered as yes. Please explain why or why not. Thanks.

Not a definitive answer, but this is the closest I can get for an educated guess. I don't know how reliable it is or if any of my comments are correct, but it seems reasonable to me.

Wifi works by broadcasting a packet every second and measuring how much energy it takes to get that packet back. This lets you locate your computer within about a hundred yards of any access point. Because access points have a known signal strength, you can tell how far away your computer is and therefore what building it's in, provided you know where the access point is in relation to your position.

Now, what they do is that you go into Wifi Preferences and enter your network information. That's it. When you're sitting next to that access point, your Android phone will show your networks along with the Signal Strength for each of them. And if you click one of them, you'll see that the signal strength is around 30 dBmW. (This is the strength, not the data. In theory you can pull that signal off the access point and use a sniffer, but it'd require at least several hours of work.)
I don't see where they used Google Location Services. I know Location Services give you longitude/latitude information, but I never used it before I tried that site. You could probably check the location from a webpage. The problem is that if someone sets up their own server in their house, you wouldn't be able to figure out where it is, at least using that method. There's no guarantee it'd be in a publicly accessible web server. However, in theory you could do this with a laptop and a wifi card and some software.

Is there a WiFi finder app?

I really like to find wireless networks with my Galaxy S.

Do any apps exist? I tried Android Wifi and it doesn't work for me. I keep getting an error telling me a file is missing, but all of the files are where they should be, and I didn't change anything since the last time this program worked. Does anyone know any other software that can help me track down my wireless networks?

I was using it in Windows Vista before I decided to move to Android, but there is absolutely no way it can work here. It never connects to any of the networks around here. None of the ones that can actually be used without a strong password (like a university or ISP's network). It's a shame though.

I guess my question becomes: is there any way to get my laptop to connect to my phone or tablet's hotspot while they're near a WiFi signal? (I know my phone can send out signals) I'd like something that will allow me to connect straight to my tablet with any network connection I have (even if my phone's off). I haven't really looked into it too much, but I've got a feeling that this may be impossible, or that what I want can only be done via a driver. I'm pretty experienced with PCs/laptops, but not necessarily with Android/IOS. Any suggestions are welcome.

Can you elaborate on why you think this might be impossible? Is it only possible with a wifi card? Have you even seen a post like this on the website? I can see this problem being very prevalent. I don't have an ipod touch but I did hear/read that someone had gotten his iPad to work by "connecting" to the iPad wifi.e. I don't know how exactly, but there was some code involved that was specific to the iPad

So far, I haven't found any information on drivers/coders for this problem. But, I think I will try to find a wireless USB adapter or other wireless adapter in the hopes of finding answer. Maybe a better solution might be something that can emulate a wifi adapter from the phone/tablet into the computer. If that happens, I'll let you know

@Mikosue I would say that if that sort of solution exists for an ipad, that it is theoretically possible to do so for a Galaxy.

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