What is the most watched foreign series on Netflix?

What is the most interesting series to watch on Netflix?

It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the TV series that appear on the streaming service. Netflix has something for everyone; from superheroes and rom-coms to science-fiction and horror. Some of the shows take a long time to watch and are filled with complex plots and characters; some of them you can binge on all day, never wanting it to end.

What is your favourite series? Let us know below. If you're curious about what is on Netflix in the UK, just head to our quick guide. Black Mirror (2016-2017). If you love horror, sci-fi and dystopia on your TV then Black Mirror is the show for you. You get just five episodes for free when you sign up to Netflix in the UK, but you can sign up to get the rest of the episodes by buying the box set. Each episode takes a different theme and has an unsettling idea at its core. It is as much a social satire as it is a chilling psychological thriller. The world is never more bleak than when it hits Black Mirror.

The episodes are: The National Anthem. Be Right Back. Playtest. White Christmas. San Junipero. Bandersnatch. Jessica Jones (2013-2016). A prequel to the Marvel comic book, Jessica Jones follows New York detective Jessica Jones as she uses her superpowers to protect people in her city. It tackles themes including abuse, addiction and sexuality with a female superhero who was broken when her parents killed her boyfriend. In Season 4 she discovers her mother is really a villain, with some seriously dark origins.

Daredevil (2013-present). Based on the Man Without Fear comic book, Daredevil tells the story of blind lawyer and vigilante Matt Murdoch and his alter ego Daredevil. Matt struggles with his past and his new abilities as he investigates the cases that have forced him into hiding from law enforcement and the criminal underworld. Each episode tackles a different theme like redemption, love and death.

Marco Polo (Starz, 2014-present). It's a period adventure series set in 1296 which follows Genghis Khan's son, Kublai, and his father's bodyguard, Polo, on a mysterious journey around the world.

What is the most watched foreign series on Netflix?

In a post about their new algorithm, the folks at Netflix said they were measuring how many people watched various foreign television programs on the streaming site. The result was that they watched Game of Thrones in the top ten as the most popular foreign show with 3.2 million total views in the first nine months of 2023.

We decided to look at the data to find out more about what shows viewers are picking up on their TVs that were already available to stream in your area. Game of Thrones (3.2 million) HBO Master of None (3.0 million) Netflix House of Cards (2.6 million) Netflix Orange Is the New Black (2.2 million) Netflix Narcos (2.1 million) Netflix Transparent (1.7 million) Amazon Prime Better Call Saul (1.7 million) AMC Orange is the New Black (1.5 million) Netflix Black Mirror (1.4 million) Netflix Sense8 (1.1 million) Netflix The Netflix-owned Amazon has six entries in the top ten and six different types of shows. Netflix is on top again for best rated TV, not just foreign shows but any show with an average score over 85, which is not the case for Hulu's two shows and Amazon's half-dozen.

The rest of the streaming sites have two or less shows from other regions making it into the top ten. Of the 15 non-Netflix series listed in the order they are displayed, one-third of them are from Asia and two are from Europe.

A quick examination of these shows confirms that we're looking at programs that are either quite well-known or popular across many territories. But just as Netflix did a better job making foreign content available than its competitors on the service, it is likely that viewers on each of these sites are also discovering shows they missed, or may have come to see after watching these shows on Netflix or other streaming sites.

The most common type of overseas series are from the US. And in Netflix's case at least, the US is home to the biggest share.

What shows on Netflix are international?

The short answer is that Netflix shows will work just about anywhere in the world that Netflix is available. But, to be honest, there are some Netflix countries that you probably aren't going to want to watch Netflix in, since their shows and movies are so different from ours. For example, if you live in one of these places, you're probably going to need some serious culture shock before you'll be able to enjoy Netflix again:

Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a fairly interesting, unique culture that revolves around the practice of Wing Chun. Wing Chun originated in China in the 1800s and is a form of Kung Fu that is used primarily for self defense. In fact, Wing Chun is so violent and aggressive that it's been banned by the International Wing Chun Federation. Even though it's been banned, people still practice Wing Chun and you'll still see people practicing in clubs.

Unfortunately, a lot of the Wing Chun kung fu being practiced in Hong Kong today is very bad and actually very offensive to most Westerners. The bad Wing Chun being practiced in Hong Kong comes from the Hong Kong version of Wing Chun that's heavily based on a style called Taolu. Taolu was developed by American military forces who were stationed in China during the Korean War. The style includes a lot of kicks that don't resemble any of the common martial arts styles found in other parts of the world.

Also, the Hong Kong Wing Chun practitioners you see today are almost entirely male and don't even practice any real martial arts. Instead, they spend all their time practicing Wing Chun.

If you want to see how bad some of the Wing Chun kung fu in Hong Kong is, here's a video showing a Wing Chun class with a teacher who uses a bamboo stick instead of a sword: Iran. A lot of what we've learned about Iranian culture in school has come from the Shah of Iran. And while he was a pretty despicable ruler, he also took his role as leader of Iran very seriously. So much so that he even built an entire network of spies that was known as SAVAK. And while this was all going on, it seems like some of the most badass films of the 1960s were made in Iran.

Which is the most watched non English series on Netflix?

We have used data from the Netflix viewership estimates for all regions and languages on the platform. The top 5 lists for both the last two years and 2023 to 2023.

The rankings have been ranked by the most watched non English series according to the data provided. Please also be aware that Netflix has changed the way it tracks user data. The older, manual tracking method has been replaced by the newer, automated system and therefore the totals may not be as reliable as they were in the past.

Netflix viewership for last 2 years: (All Netflix members, all available titles, in US-English). The results are sorted by most watched non English series.

The top 5 non English series that are most watched on Netflix in 2023. The top 5 non English series that are most watched on Netflix in 2023. Note: This list is based on the total time watched (in minutes) of all content on the platform from all viewers. The data is collected from the previous seven days only. Netflix has changed its methods for tracking viewing and is currently collecting a larger amount of data than ever. Therefore, the results might differ from the initial release.

The top 5 non English series on Netflix in 2023. Stranger Things (Season 1) - 1,850,000 viewers. Narcos (Season 1) - 1,720,000 viewers. Riverdale (Season 1) - 1,610,000 viewers. Fuller House (Season 2) - 1,460,000 viewers. 13 Reasons Why (Season 1) - 1,380,000 viewers. The OA (Season 1) - 1,360,000 viewers. You (Season 1) - 1,310,000 viewers. The Legend of Mr. Ling (Season 1) - 1,310,000 viewers Orange Is the New Black (Season 6) - 1,270,000 viewers

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