What's on Canadian Netflix that's not on US Netflix?

What shows are on Netflix not in the US?

Where can I get British TV and Movies?

The question of whether Netflix shows or movies are available in the US is a hotly debated topic. It's hard to figure out, and as a result the debate seems even more contentious. This is what shows are on Netflix available only outside the US in one form or another and why.

In order to provide our readers with the best possible answers, we asked our team of experts - our resident Netflix specialists - to share their knowledge and insights. What we found surprised us at times, and some of the information may surprise you too.

Note: For those who prefer to work directly on their Android devices, Netflix for Android will automatically switch you to US-based servers if you are abroad and your browser redirects you to an IP address linked to the US. But you still end up watching US content. To fix this, you need to set the language of Netflix for Android to your local language manually.

What shows are on Netflix not available outside the US? We asked our team of expert Netflix geeks to compile a list of all shows or movies Netflix currently offers that are unavailable in the US. The top of the list includes all movies and series currently not available in the US, but the bottom of the list contains movies and series that we do have access to in the US but not in the majority of Netflix territories. Please note that we're talking about Netflix availability in this context, which is different from Netflix availability overall.

Movies and movies we don't have access to. Our experts have highlighted the following movies and TV shows that cannot be found outside the US. They are in alphabetical order by movie title.

Movies that you have to pay to watch outside the US. While Netflix is offering some movie releases in most territories (you can check if Netflix is available in your region here), sometimes there's the need to go beyond Netflix for viewing. Some premium movie services such as Fathom, HBO Now and HBO Go are not available for purchase outside the US. In these cases, you can find them via third party sites such as Amazon Prime. And when it comes to premium TV services like HBO or Showtime, you can always catch your favorite shows on your PC, Roku or Amazon Fire TV streaming boxes.

Why are some Netflix shows not available in US?

1) House of Cards (US) - Netflix did NOT include it on some of its devices, such as the iPad or Playstation. Now, if that isn't a clear indication that it's available in the US, I don't know what is.2) A Game of Thrones (US) - Netflix included it on some of its devices but not others.3) American Horror Story (US) - Netflix included it on some of its devices but not others.4) Boardwalk Empire (US) - Netflix included it on some of its devices but not others.5) Downton Abbey (UK) - Netflix included it on some of its devices but not others.6) Fargo (US) - Netflix included it on some of its devices but not others.

It may help to think of Netflix as an internet company. Some countries block websites and services.

Now, why don't the US and UK have something like a "VOD" to use for movies.and we could call it "The Internet". But nooooooo! They want to own everything. The same way they are going to own the Net and everything else. Get it out of their hands!

What shows are on UK Netflix but not us?

Netflix have a list of the countries they'll launch in.

We wanted to make a UK list of shows that are coming but not going to be available. A list of all Netflix UK and Ireland shows available. If you're seeing one on the list that's unavailable then you can bet it'll be coming soon. The shows we've managed to find on Netflix at the moment, there might be some you're missing. But don't panic, here they are!

Netflix (UK / Ireland): This is for the most part a non-exhaustive list based on what we've seen on Netflix's website. As time goes by we're sure they will add more shows so it may change but we're just adding stuff we've seen.

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