How do I find out my restrictions passcode on my iPhone?

How do I find out my restrictions passcode on my iPhone?

You can find your passcode settings at the Lock screen (see Figure 1). When the Lock screen is on, you can unlock your iPhone by entering the passcode.

When the passcode screen comes on, you'll see the 4 digits" text. If you enter 4 or more numbers, your passcode will be accepted.

Figure 1: Entering the 4-digit passcode allows you to access the Lock screen and unlock your iPhone. If you want to change the passcode that is being used for security, tap the Change Passcode button in the top right corner (see Figure 2). Figure 2: In the passcode entry screen, tap the Change Passcode button to set a new passcode. Once the passcode is set, you can tap the Lock screen button in the bottom right corner to lock your iPhone and return to the Lock screen. You can also swipe left from the bottom of the Lock screen to exit the Lock screen.

If you are using Touch ID for security, you must enter your fingerprint for security. If you have not set up Touch ID on your iPhone, follow this article to get started.

To enter your fingerprint: Turn on Touch ID on your iPhone by tapping the Side button and selecting the Touch ID icon, as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: Touch ID lets you use your fingerprint for security. If you have not set up Touch ID, you'll see the blue button to add your fingerprint.

Tap Add. Your fingerprint is saved in the first position on the Home screen.

Figure 4: The blue button indicates which finger is being used for security. Tap the button to choose another finger or swipe it away to remove your finger.

To remove your finger: If you want to use your finger for security, swipe the finger away to remove it from the list. On the Home screen, tap the finger you want to use. You are now being asked whether you want to use this finger for security (see Figure 5). Figure 5: By tapping OK, you agree to use the finger as security. If you do not want to use the finger for security, tap Don't Use. Now, tap Sign In with Finger.

How do I turn off passcode restrictions on iPhone?

I'm pretty sure that I did not set a passcode on my iphone when I first setup the phone, but it still says that if I want to change or disable the password then I have to turn it off or enable it.

I would like to know how to turn off or disable the password, and why doesn't it work if I don't put a password when I originally setup the phone? I haven't been able to find the answer to this in the manuals but it seems this must be important info for new iPhone users. Do you think you'd come across that info as a new user? In other words, would you have done a factory reset of your phone because you didn't have a password set? You need to enter the password to turn it off. When you originally purchased your iPhone (or any smart phone, really) they were "lock down" for several reasons. One is for security purposes. Two is to prevent unauthorized use of the device. If you didn't set a password the first time around, you'll have to unlock the phone and reenter the new password each time you try to use the phone.

"What do you mean 'I can't unlock my phone for an update'? I didn't set a passcode." Your phone thinks you didn't set one, which means that when you try to turn it on you will have to enter the new password, whether you have one or not. The only way to "turn off" the locking (and thus the password entry) is to use a factory reset and re-enter the passcode you set earlier. "Did Apple give me these answers? Is that why we have questions at Ask Different?" -- Reddit user ABagel. "I see what you did there. You just HAD to go and be different." -- MetaRunner

"We're all adults here. And we understand. They're like 'what is an Apple.

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