How do I disable website restrictions on iPad?

How do I disable website restrictions on iPad?

This is a discussion on ? within the Apps & Software forums, part of the General category; I just read a comment somewhere on the web stating that "you can get around all those restrictions by using a proxy." .

The only way you will be able to do this on an iPad is with a 3G iPhone or iPad. That is currently impossible to do on an iPad without jailbreaking it.

If you buy a 3G iPad and turn off the cellular data on the iPad (which will turn off Wifi) and then tether your iPhone to the iPad over WiFi, your iPad will have to work through the phone carrier's server to open all of your web pages. You could also set up your own proxy server on a computer and access the proxy server from your iPad. You would have to find the IP address for the proxy server on your iPad or use something like "" or another web site that will give your public IP address. If you're able to access your proxy server with the iPad it will look like the iPad is connected to the Internet (ie. There will be no restrictions) even though you are actually going through your computer.

Your phone and iPad will not be able to see one another's local IP addresses. They will behind a router at your home or office which is configured to allow the iPad to connect via WiFi to the internet while the phone is only allowed to make outgoing calls. That will ensure they only see the proxy server on the other end of their connection and not each other's.

It's certainly possible to get around the cellular data restrictions. There's several companies that make apps (such as Appple's Cydia) that allow jailbroken devices to access the internet when they are out and about. The key to this is using a 3G iPhone or iPad as a modem and then tethering the iPhone/iPad to the iPad. The rest of the instructions should be the same as if you were using your iPhone/iPad as a wifi hotspot from your computer. There's several companies that make apps (such as Appple's Cydia) that allow jailbroken devices to access the internet when they are out and about.

How do I access restricted sites on iPad?

I've been working on my iPad the last week and all has gone great. I am able to open some of the restricted sites and even read some.

But I was reading a few articles about setting up the Safari web browser in the iPad. The first article I read that had me confused as to how to access restricted sites. I know that there is a button to unlock it but what are the instructions to go through the process?

I've been looking all over the internet and can't seem to find any detailed information. I'd like to see what everyone else has experienced with the iPad.

Comments. You have to be connected to wifi in order to use restricted sites. So while your at school, at home, or somewhere else, you can't open a site that is only accessible through the Internet. You must be connected to wifi to access the restricted sites.

As far as I know, you can only access a restricted site once you've opened the connection to the server. It's different from accessing a "normal" website, where you can surf the web by opening up a page and closing it when you're done.

It's easy. If you're not connected to WiFi at a place you want to use a restricted site, just go to the web browser on the device, and click 'Open Connection' and then 'Join'. From there you can visit any of the restricted sites.

To be honest, it depends on the site. Some can be accessed without a connection, but others will have a connection prompt.

That said, you might want to just make a bookmark or two that have the 'open connection' switch on. If the site prompts you for a password, I'm pretty sure you can't enter a passcode into an iPad. This is just a guess, I could be wrong. If it's a passcode I'd try to connect using a different Wi-Fi spot.

I was able to sign in to restricted sites on the iPad when I was using free wi-fi on my mobile phone at the hotel in Seattle. My phone didn't need to be connected to the router. However, when I went home, I couldn't sign in. When I searched the net to find out why, I found this link:

The iPad is pretty much "locked" once you connect to a secured network.

Why are websites restricted on iPad?

An important thing that is missing in your blog or website is web access. With the new mobile website, there is only access to the mobile version of the site for your mobile visitors. You can choose to access the desktop version of the website using a URL like:
So we have a few options on how we can go about solving this problem. In my opinion the easiest way is to set the address bar on your iPad to the http:// prefix. When it comes to choosing the appropriate URL, there are two main options for you to choose from:

Use the original desktop website. This method requires you to use your browser to navigate through the desktop version of the website and then go to an old-fashioned IP address to access the desktop website. The reason that we usually use a proxy for this is because we're not actually accessing the desktop version of the website but rather what we think looks like the desktop version of the website. If that seems complicated to you, it may be worth taking a look at a free proxy service.

Use the mobile version of the website. To access the mobile version of the website, use the mobile address found on the desktop version of the website. Here, your browser will already be set to the http:// prefixed address and you will be able to access the mobile version of the website. As there is no access to the desktop version of the website through the mobile version of the website, there's no proxy service necessary.

There are a few drawbacks to choosing the first option. First and foremost, if you're a big fan of the desktop version of your website, I'm sure you'd want to see everything on a single screen. For people who use many screen sizes on their desktop devices, it's harder to do so because the entire desktop version of the website is being displayed on a small screen that won't support very much information. So if you're looking to build up a massive audience, we highly recommend using the second option over the first option.

If you choose the second option, we recommend going to the desktop version of the website first. Once you've done this, go into your browser settings and make sure you've got the 'Always Open In New Tab' option ticked.

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