When should camellias be pruned?

When should camellias be pruned?

My wife is doing the pruning on our camellias, and she says she is pruning back the stems and removing dead flowers.

She also tells me that it is ok to prune the trees from below so they can grow new growth. However, I don't know how to prune trees that way.

What are some other tips to keep these plants looking good? You can take out dead flower buds. I did it to one of my camellias this year and it looks amazing.

Why are my camellias not flowering?

My camellias have only begun to flower but they've been flowering since I got them in the spring of 2024.

They do not do that at the beginning of a summer. In fact they flower even more when it's hot out and dry, I'm starting to think of getting them air conditioning for next year. I'm not sure what happened or if it's because my soil is too heavy for proper drainage. I had to put it in an underground container that had been under a rock bed that was removed earlier this year. I think the humidity in the area must have increased or something. Should I get some drainage products? The camellia are on my front porch.


If your camellia have buds then they are not ready yet. There are lot many factors that can hinder their bud development like: 1) Soil composition. 2) Over watering. 3) Too much sun. 4) Lack of nutrition. 5) Insufficient space/air. For any of this conditions you have to check it every day. They can grow but you don't have any flowering.

Answer this questionWrite out your answerPaste here to answer the question. How to get the most growth from a plant?A few years ago we planted two pomelos into our landscape, one at the edge of our property and one near our swimming pool. We planted both fruits at roughly the same time. The pomelo closer to the property side began to fruit much earlier than the pomelo by the pool. Which begs the question why? Do I take a guess on how fast the tree is growing? No way! My guess is I don't know. Do I take a guess at what could be slowing down the growth? It would have to be the water. The pomelo closer to the house did not need water, just fertilizer.

When we first planted these two trees, the pomelo closer to the pool was doing well. It had a full set of blossoms. The one closer to our property was still bare on its trunk. About a month ago I saw a few buds on that closer to the pool pomelo, so I guess that fruit will be starting to grow soon.

What month do camellias bloom?

September. I found this information when I googled, 'what month do camellias bloom' and discovered it's very hard to find accurate information for this plant. I know they are in the shade but I've been seeing them in full sun this year. The blossoms are pretty but they don't last long, is there any way to get them to bloom all year long? This info was the only one I could find! :)

Hi - I can say that since they camellias are deciduous there would be many good questions on a forum concerning them. The flowers, however, would be in the spring when the trees are new leafed, then again in the fall and sometimes through the winter if you have them in pots. I love comingllias because they are absolutely magnificent in my large garden in the Pacific Northwest. It may just be my home and not your location. In any event they are beautiful in the fall in most locations. Best of luck!

Thank you for your reply! The first three I've seen in my neighborhood have been in full sun but since I couldn't find answer I thought I'd share this so people like me could go back home and find out. :) They are truly gorgeous! Sorry my reply was late. In your state the camellia bloom in the early spring. But in most states and regions there are no problems with having camellias bloom during the winter. If you want to get flowers in the fall season you must put them in pots with potting mix. In case of growing camellias in pots keep them dry by water them enough. And when they start wilting remove them from the pots, wash them and give them an appropriate position to make them come alive again. Also, you can try to fertilize the plants. As for gardening tools, you should get watering tools and use a gentle spray. In case you forget to water it, you should use watering can. You can go through the web. Google comesllia gardening and you will find many information. Or take your chance and search information in books or magazines.

I have had a camellia bush every summer for the past 35 years! It grows in a big hole that I dig every year in the yard, and it has been in the same spot each year and has survived several house moves.

Do camellias like full sun or shade?

Yes, with lots of moisture they will do better in sun.

Can I fertilize? No. The soil is already well-fertilized and the Camellia is very thirsty.

What about mulching? Not recommended since there are no leaves or fallen leaves to protect the root system. Are Camellias pruned? Sometimes. When we divide the tree in two at the base, the new plants get an extra boost of energy. However, the Camellia is hardy and usually does not need to be.

Will Camellias bloom from year to year? It varies, but they can bloom year round. How long will Camellias live? Depending on the variety, Camellias can live for 30 to 80 years. What about Camellias in containers? Camellias are drought tolerant and easy to grow in a container. If the container drains well, it is fine, but watch out for mold and mildew.

How do I care for Camellia pots? They don't require as much care as other shrubs or trees. Use a drip tray and you won't have to water them for a while. The most important thing is to keep the roots cool and moist.

Is it okay if Camellia pots touch each other? They are happy touch and sometimes even climb over each other. This is a normal aspect of Camellia growth and not a problem.

Can I use Camellia cuttings? We cuttings will work well. Plant them in the garden, just be careful not to leave them in the shade! What about Camellias in pots? It's ok, if you let the roots dry out, but the Camellia will die. What about Camellia in containers? If you give them lots of water, they are very happy in a pot. Does Camellia need winter protection? Like all plants, Camellias need some protection during the winter. We recommend covering the plant with evergreen boughs or straw and covering the soil with a mat.

What size container should I get for a Camellia? One gallon container will do fine.

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