Is Surfshark a VPN or proxy?

Does VPN use proxy server?

How do I VPN to another country (with a different IP address)? I know there are a couple different ways of doing this. My question is, can you use a proxy server when doing a VPN connection? My VPN client is using a public IP address for authentication (to log in). I am trying to connect to an ISP that blocks DNS requests. Is this possible if I use a proxy server?
I know people have been able to do it on free software, such as a browser's extension. It seems that the user has the ability to proxy through the browser. This does not seem to work with VPNs and I'm wondering how it's implemented.

I have seen other questions about the topic but none of them offer an exact answer. Any help would be appreciated.

Should I turn proxy on or off?

Recommended Posts. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I'm new to VPNs and I've been reading about VPNs for a while now. I have been looking into setting up a VPN on my router and was wondering whether it was necessary or not? My situation is this, I live in the UK and I currently have a router from my ISP (Broadband/Sky). I use the router normally to get online and to watch TV via HDMI to my TV.

I want to make sure that my Internet usage isn't monitored, so I was thinking about buying a router with built-in VPN. Now I'm thinking that this router will already be on when I turn on my computer and when I connect to the router to use the Internet, my router will be sending all of my Internet traffic through the VPN.

Now is this really necessary? If I don't have the VPN on, would my ISP still know what I am doing on the Internet? Is it worth getting a VPN, or is it just more hassle? Share this post. Link to post. Share on other sites. You could also set up your own VPN on your computer - if you can get a VPN client working in windows - then you'll be able to use it as a server and connect to it from your PC. VPNs are best used when you're at a location that doesn't offer much in the way of privacy - eg in China - as it prevents your ISP or anyone else from seeing what you're doing online. They are definitely useful when you're in countries where you need to access government controlled web sites. For most of us though, the VPN's you see advertised on the internet are just 'tricks' to get you to sign up and pay for their services. In reality they can only provide you with a 'one way' tunnel - so they won't prevent the ISPs/Government from monitoring your internet activity. "Now is this really necessary?". YES, it's necessary. Even with a VPN, your ISP can still see what you do online if they've got access to your router.

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