How do I claim my Surfshark free trial?

Does Surfshark offer a free trial?

I would appreciate the opportunity to compare the new Surfshark VPN for a while.

Does this offer a free trial period? Yes. Just download and install, and use for at least 15 days, then purchase your one-year Surfshark subscription. If you're a heavy user, you may want to purchase more than one year and you will not have to pay for a period longer than 1 year in order to continue receiving updates. Please note that you'll only receive an email notification about a new version being released, but you'll be notified when the update has been installed and active for at least a day.

Thank you. Surfshark Forum. Answers. What if my subscription renews before my 15 day trial period ends? Will I get a notification about it? Your subscription renews automatically, so if your account is older than 1 year (it has to be for the automatic renewal to happen) you will automatically renew and not receive an email notification. However, even if you don't renew your subscription, you'll still be given 15 days to use the service before your account gets suspended. If you don't want to renew your account, simply cancel your subscription.

Hello all. As mentioned earlier, Surfshark now allows anyone to test out their services without signing up for a full paid account. The testing period lasts 30 days and if you decide to purchase annual plan, you can continue with your subscription afterwards without the need to re-verify your payment information. You'll get a mail saying it's successful if you purchased a year subscription. There's a small chance that your account will get suspended after your 30 day trial period. This is because we cannot support free accounts without being able to send e-mails. Since sending the we got your money mail takes a week or more, during that time you might start to see our ads popping up. If that happens, we apologize and you can easily re-activate your account by following this link. In any case, you can always cancel your account and purchase a yearly subscription to unlock your account. You'll be eligible for an 18-month unlimited trial if you do. Thanks!

Which VPN has a 30-day free trial?

I'm researching VPNs and I've seen some recommendations on using a VPN with a free trial.

I have been considering NordVPN, but they don't seem to have a 30-day free trial. Is there another one?

I have been researching VPNs and I've seen some recommendations on using a VPN with a free trial. When choosing a VPN, the question of "is it free?" is an important one, but not the only one. The other question is: "is it good?" If you look at the features, you will see that NordVPN has the following features: 24/7 customer support. Free trial (of 30 days). Kill switch. Double VPN. Unlimited traffic. Now, you can't compare these features against the others, because each one is different. The free trial is 30 days, but if you are not happy with the service in 30 days, you can continue with it for a full year. If you are dissatisfied with the service in a year, then you cancel your account.

This is different from some other services which will only give you one month. You have 30 days to try a service, and if it is not good for you, then you can continue with it for a full year.

I would go with NordVPN, because it has good features, but I would also check out other services too, so you can compare them. I think the free trials are always a good feature. As long as you know what you're doing, you can get a lot of value from a free trial.

If you are looking for a new VPN I would suggest trying out IPVanish, which has a 30 day free trial. They have a killer client which does a great job of hiding all your data from your ISP. You may also want to try CyberGhost. It's a bit older, but a good contender.

Both of these are available on the Mac as well, but I haven't tested them. NordVPN is certainly worth checking out. While they don't have a free trial, they do have a 2-week free trial.

Can you cancel Surfshark after free trial?

Or will that be considered a "charge-back" and I'll be charged the full amount?

If it's possible to cancel, please help me. I'm not sure if Surfshark has any cancellation policy.

Comments. They clearly state it is a trial period in the terms. They offer free credit for 30 days, they cancel at any time, including during the trial period.

You should have received an email with details of how to do this, and instructions on how to make a payment. As to being considered a charge-back, I'd imagine you will be sent a email stating that your service has been discontinued, but as the trial period had not yet begun, no money was ever actually exchanged. That's all Surfshark asks of you in return for access to the web site.

Thanks for your replies. I wasn't aware of the "3 step" process to request This is how I created the account:
Paid by credit card. Logged in to. Should I cancel now that I made it, or wait to use it until tomorrow?

How do I claim my Surfshark free trial?

Before you claim your Surfshark free trial, you will have to log into your Surfshark account and go to the "My Account" page. Here, you can find your name, email address, as well as the password to access your account.

Once you are logged in, go to the "Subscription" tab and click on the blue "Free Trial" button. If you don't see the blue "Free Trial" button, you can access your free trial by going to the "My Account" page and clicking on the "Pricing" tab.

You will then be directed to the Surfshark website where you can select the offer you want to claim. You can select a three day or seven day free trial.

Once you have selected your offer, you will have the option to claim it by using your email address and entering your free trial code. Once your free trial has expired, you will be given the option to continue your free trial for another 30 days.

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