Do you offer a LinkedIn scraper Chrome Extension?

Do you offer a LinkedIn scraper Chrome Extension?

We do not offer a LinkedIn scraper Chrome Extension but we do have a LinkedIn Profile Extractor that you can use. What is a LinkedIn profile extractor? A LinkedIn profile extractor is a software tool that extracts information from your LinkedIn profile. It is the same kind of tool that you can use to scrape all other social networks.

How do I use LinkedIn profile extractor? You will need to download and install the software on your computer. Once installed, run the program and enter your LinkedIn username in the top box.

Your LinkedIn profile will then be displayed to you. To scrape any information from your profile, click the button labelled 'Scrape'.

Once you are done with scraping your LinkedIn profile, you can download a copy of your profile data by clicking the button labelled 'Export'. What information can I scrape from my LinkedIn profile?

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