Can I have 2 Apple IDS with the same phone number?

Can I have 2 Apple IDS with the same phone number?

They have the same name, email address, Paypal email, social media handles, etc. Yes, you can have two Apple IDs linked with the same phone number. Each user account is created on a different phone number/Interconnect Identification (ICID). While Apple recommends that you use one phone number/ICID for all device accounts, it does not preclude using more than one phone number/ICID for individual accounts.

In fact, you can even have multiple phone numbers/ICIDs associated with an iCloud account, if your needs require it. I use all four of my phone numbers/ICIDs for iCloud: iPhone SE: iPhone 6: iPhone 6S: iPhone 7: iPhone 8: iPhone X: iPad Pro: iPad Pro 2: Each of these accounts is linked to a different iCloud email, which I use to login to iCloud and use the free iCloud services, such as Find my iPhone, iCloud for activation, and iCloud web-based backup. Each account has a different iCloud Keychain and SMS/MMS storage on their device.

Can I create Apple ID with Gmail?

I wish that I can create an AppleID with a Gmail account, like we can download the iTunes and iMessage via Gmail. Is there anyone who can help me to create an Apple ID with Gmail? My iOS is always deleted. I don't know how to sign it. Tks, so much 33333

Create a new mail address for AppleID and provide your account email address as a recovery email. Such that fake addresses are used by the app store during the verification process.

Here is a reference: Update: Even if you have verified your identity and id is unblocked,you may still get this error message when accessing accounts preferences page: "Some Mail uses your Apple ID to send verification link". However, once you click the link, you will be able to access accounts prefs and the option for "Add additional email addresses" should show up (if not, refresh the page).

You can indeed with a web app called Sandbox and cannot with your own iOS device. The latter requires and "make things permanent" app.

How do I bypass the Apple ID phone number?

How do you add a number for an Apple ID? As @iamrx says you must add the number to your contacts. Here is how to do that with the iCloud Contacts app which is available as part of the iPhone OS.

Open the Contacts app. Go to the Info tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap Add Contact. Type the number you want to add to your contact list, then tap Next. Connect your device to the computer and open your Address Book app. Press and hold down on the number you just added to your iPhone contacts. A menu will pop up, showing all of your contacts. Select the Add to address book option.

All done! You now have a new contact in your address book to help you find your Apple ID.

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