How do you start Selenium for beginners?

What are the basics of Selenium?

It's a free, open source test automation tool developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

In this article, we'll go over the basics of Selenium including how to install it on your machine.

Selenium automates browser and web applications using a WebDriver API or Java bindings and executes the test scripts (also known as test cases) using the Remote WebDriver Protocol (RDP). Selenium is commonly used for integration and regression testing of web applications and mobile apps that are developed using multiple frameworks and languages. It works across multiple browsers and allows you to automate the tests on multiple platforms.

Selenium IDE is a very old tool that has gone out of production. For the tests written on it, they need to be converted to use the WebDriver API. And as web-application tests can be quite complex, they require proper testing framework.

So, if you are looking for a framework to run tests in the browser, go for Selenium WebDriver, or if you already have functional/acceptance tests on a framework like Robotium or JMeter, they can continue to run. But if it's a mobile app testing, Selenium is only half the story. The other part is to connect the mobile application to Selenium using a library. There are many available for iOS and Android testing. In this article, I'll be discussing on how to run automated tests using selenium on mobile apps using React Native with Selenium RC, and we'll also explore some additional features of Selenium.

First, let's set up a remote desktop and then we can connect to it. Now, from your web browser, download Selenium Server as instructed in their documentation. You'll see two options: Selenium Server and Selenium Server Standalone, which is the latest one. Open the downloaded ZIP file. And when you do so, you'll be asked to provide a username and password for logging into your server. Enter the credentials. And you'll see Selenium Server on the left hand side. In the toolbar, look for Connect.

Note: Since Selenium uses the server configuration settings to log in and run tests, if the server is turned off or is not connected to a network, you'll have to enter the credentials manually as well.

How many days it will take to learn Selenium for beginners?

The below section gives answer of the number of days it takes to learn how to use a browser-based WebDriver programming language. It does not contain any webdriver tutorial; instead it tries to answer the question how long it will take for you to get started with selenium using the best tools in order to learn. Read the answer thoroughly and make a decision whether you are ready to learn selenium.

It includes two important points to keep in mind while doing webdriver training: First - time is money. Second - choose the path of learning based on the goal. If you want to get hired as a selenium developer then complete the above course, else if you just want to learn and practice some basic commands then you can try the free Beginners course given at the end of this article. What is Selenium? Selenium is a standalone test automation tool which performs functional tests on multiple browsers by writing WebDriver instructions. Selenium is one of the most important automation solutions for web testing. For example, Google uses Selenium to drive our app's functional tests; it checks if the application follows all the expected behavior, and the response to any user interaction.

In this article we will discuss: Get started with the free guide. There is a free guide to get started with Selenium on What you need to know first - what you want to do with selenium? Are you a beginner or an experienced software developer, who wants to learn selenium or you want to enhance your career as a Software Tester. In either case the process is almost same.

But while a tester is usually interested in practicing the functional testing using this software, a developer wants to add selenium to his toolbox for automating a larger portion of his work. We have divided these questions in 3 types based on which part of the process you are interested in. You can choose the path based on which type of question is important to you.

If you are interested in the following, go for the next section. How long to learn Selenium For Beginners. Selenium stands for the concept of testing the functionalities of a website.

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