Why is my VPN not working on BBC iPlayer?

Why won't Unlocator work?

I am at the beginning of my first programming project so I am not experienced enough to have attempted any method other than those covered in the book. I am trying to make a program which will locate files on my computer by using the find function and unocatuer. Import os. FName = rawinput ("what file would you like to locate? "). Try: os.path.join(r'C:UsersAdministratorDesktop', filename)
print "location of the file is ", loc. if stat.SISDIR(os.stat(fName).exists(loc):
print "The file does not exist". This is not entirely clear, but even if it is, this is still a problem. You are calling os.join() with two arguments, the first of which is supposed to be a list of filenames.

If you call it with just one argument, then the first argument will be a string representing a directory name. The second argument will simply be the next path component, which will start with a slash.
path = '/home/elifan/Desktop'. os.join(path, 'example.txt')
'/home/elifan/Desktop/example.txt' Given that the real question here is why you are getting an exception, this may explain it. If you run this command in your interpreter and it fails, you will see the error message explaining what you did wrong.

How do I use BBC iPlayer in the US?

Morning, and welcome to Today, a BBC programme produced by Jonny Owen, Antony Turner and Michael Tedder, with additional material by Emma Dove and editor Ros Chatfield. (ROBERT COWELL) I think the BBC needs to bring the best of British culture to our shores, from wherever they are from. At this point, Robert Cowell is thinking hard. A self-confessed Anglophile, he has taken over as Head of UK Music at one of America's most successful record labels. He wants to bring a stream of free-to-air English-language TV and radio programming to the US via the BBC's iPlayer service - but has been told that the BBC currently does not exist in the US. That may change soon.

The story. On behalf of almost 100 of our artists, we have been asking the question: 'Who would you fund to keep a free-to-air service here?' says Robert Cowell. The answer is the BBC. And it's not just about music - it's also about comedy, drama, news, sport, children's TV, even films and box sets. It's the best of British culture, and it should be on free-to-air TV. It's already available through Netflix and other services, but not on free-to-air TV.

As the fate of the iPlayer's future in America hangs in the balance, Cowell and his team have created Free to Air Now - a new website designed to persuade the US public to lobby 'their' government to ensure the service makes it across the Atlantic. He admits that the planned services do not live up to the best of British promise, but says the best of the BBC's range will be unique and very popular.

We want a service that is different, that is clearly British everywhere, and it doesn't look like Netflix or Amazon, he says. That's why we've taken a fresh approach on Free to Air Now - because we want to let people tell their stories and give them a voice. We can change the narrative of what British is.

Is Unlocator com trustworthy?

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Why is my VPN not working on BBC iPlayer?

From the blue, I am a resident of Canada who would like to access content within the UK via an IPTV and Netflix VPN. In theory, I should be able to do this without issue.

6 Answers.
Your IPTV provider doesn't have an installable application on a consumer device, because consumer devices and good IPTV is still in its infancy. Your only option is to use online streaming services such as Netflix or Sky Now which are connected to your IPTV provider but not to you directly.

Is there any way to adapt this VPN for use on a phone or tablet? johnjooMar 14 '14 at 19:05. 2

You can get that working if you jailbreak your phone and re-root it with the TV Droid app. Instructions here: NathanMar 19 '14 at 20:21. I'm in Singapore, and in fact I've used the IPTV service from exclusively using a PSTN telephone connection since the early days. (as such, switched pretty seamlessly when we moved to mobile data, and even including international long distance calls) The TV-via-the-internet services are all over-priced in Singapore (as per Australian pricing) and netflix still isn't available. Online streaming works fine though, including HbbTV (HbbTV2), though it's apparently quite buggy, especially in the United States.

Have you checked whether "Open in the Safari browser" works? Or tried downloading content from iPlayer directly? It seems to work outside of the UK. (Or is it using your location IP?) MulvMay 24 '14 at 3:47. See below - the question is to bounded into the site by a faux address. Please ignore that blocking - its just a temporary thing.

Mark LeyMar 16 '14 at 23:02. It didn't block you.

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