Is Selenium good for web scraping?

Is Selenium better than Beautiful Soup?

I think yes. When developing I try many things. But I don't really like it.

I used to use BeautifulSoup. But when I was developing, it didn't put me like "wow, but this thing is really cool."
But I started using Selenium WebDrivers and now I really like it. Here is a codepen which I use as a demo. It uses the selenium driver.

Here is a code snippet: First Page. Div class="content". H1The title/h1. PThe text/p. /div. Second Page. Now here is a piece of code I use to switch between the pages. // Click on the links. Var links =; // Find the get element. Var get = driver.findElement(By.sendkeys("second");
Pretty simple :D. So, what do you guys think? I can't really say if I'm biased or not, since I am one of the creators of Selenium and BeautifulSoup. But I can say for sure that Selenium is better for a number of reasons: Selenium tests are fast; they run inside a browser and have all the advantages that come with that (like a real user). Also, there is a lot of built-in automation and features (like capturing screenshots) when using the selenium framework.

You can reuse a lot of code and share your tests; the only thing you need to change is the browser. This means you can do the bulk of your tests for one browser with one test set up and running in one environment, then later use the same code in another browser or another environment the output will be a lot cleaner and easier to read.

Selenium is much more flexible than BS4. You can do much more with Selenium than you could do with BS4.

How to web scrape with Python Selenium?

I just started to familiarize and develop with Selenium. I have learned basic concepts and methods, but I'm stuck at scraping a website as it has multiple options and the page loads first. The site is
I need to scrape the prices for all flights starting on 3rd March 2023. Thank you very much in advance for your help! from selenium import webdriver. From bs4 import BeautifulSoup. Import time. Def getprice(driver, date): driver.sleep(2) time.sleep(15) soup = BeautifulSoup(driver.pagesource, 'html.parser')
item = soup.text if len(item) 0 else None if name == 'main': driver = webdriver.Chrome()

Is Python good for web scraping?

Is it worth learning?

I am starting to learn Python (and programming) for web scraping and do some web research. I am having a hard time finding examples of web scraping in Python without the use of an API or some sort of meta-search engine.

What are some simple examples of web scraping and then some background information as to why one would or wouldn't want to use these techniques? Is Python an appropriate language for performing tasks like this? I don't know much about Python. Update: I found at least one example of scraping web pages and I asked an academic professor about using computers to parse web pages. He referred to my question as "boring". The answer seems to be that programming is what makes it interesting, not the application. If you are getting bored, perhaps you aren't trying enough hard.

Take a look at BeautifulSoup. It provides excellent methods for dealing with HTML. It's a bit harder to get started with than other libraries, but is definitely worth a shot
If you're looking for a bit more exposure, I'd suggest checking out scrapy. It's Python based, and goes down pretty easy if you've got a little bit of web experience.

Finally, if all you want to do is gather text from HTML, have a look at xml.etree.ElementTree. It does it down pretty easy.

Python is definitely a good choice, but I believe your question has nothing to do with Python per se, but rather with the "bigness" of the world wide web. While you might find some ones who think otherwise, the world wide web is huge and there are certainly great websites out there which do things very differently from (say) Google.

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