How do I enable links on my iPhone?

Why won't my iPhone let me open websites?

I get a screen that says "The connection to the server could not be established, please try again." It happens on my iPhone and Mac. If I try on my PC it works fine.

I've had this problem for a while but thought it had been fixed. Now it's back. I'm using Wi-Fi.

I did a lot of searching and tried a number of solutions from other people with similar problems, but none of them worked for me. There's no proxy server in my network or firewall. I tried restarting both my iPhone and my Mac. I tried installing OS X El Capitan but it didn't fix anything. I also tried disabling and then re-enabling "Network Link Conditioner". I even tried uninstalling my Network Link Conditioner app. I tried clearing my Safari cache. Nothing worked. I was hoping someone here might have a solution. Thanks for any help you can provide. UPDATE: I just tried to connect my iPhone to my PC, using my Apple wireless keyboard. When I did that, it worked for about 2 hours and then stopped working again. I rebooted both my iPhone and Mac, and it worked for another two hours before it stopped working again.

Now I am using an Ethernet cord and my iPhone is not connected to anything. This worked for about 2 hours and now it's working again.

In short, I'm connected to something that's not connected to anything. UPDATE 2: I got an error message that said: A network error occurred: "could not connect to server". This error message only appeared on my iPhone. It did not appear on my Mac.

I rebooted both my iPhone and Mac. The error message is still on my iPhone.

UPDATE 3: I tried to reset my iPhone. It did not work.

UPDATE 4: I tried to re-install OS X El Capitan. UPDATE 5: I uninstalled Network Link Conditioner from my Mac and then I reinstalled it. UPDATE 6: I tried to reset my network settings.

Why is Safari blocking websites?

Safari's Web Inspector feature provides insight into how websites are loading. You can examine individual page elements, see the HTML and CSS, find out about JavaScript errors, and explore browser-specific features.

If you turn on the Develop menu (-I) and select Web Inspector from the sidebar, you should now be able to view pages like Google's homepage: How do I get more details in Web Inspector? The most detailed information is available when you inspect the webpage source code. In Safari, the View Source window provides access to the underlying HTML. To display the source, choose View > Show View > Source (-T).

The Web Inspector's source panel displays an unformatted version of the page, with the tags clearly displayed. The source can be useful if you're having trouble formatting text or images. For example, you might see a stray div or image tag in the page source. You can fix that by editing the page.

When you inspect a webpage, you can click a link to go to a different page in the inspector window. This may seem strange, but the reason is that the pages you're viewing may be part of a website, which you then visit through another link.

Why is Safari blocking certain sites? Apple blocks a few URLs because they contain malware, advertising, or other undesirable content. If you try to access these sites, Safari warns you and tries to open the blocked site in your default browser.

The first-level domains for some blocked sites are .onion.

Why doesn't Safari show all URLs in the Address bar? Safari displays the URL you enter into the browser's address bar, which you type into a webpage to navigate to another site. Safari doesn't always show every URL that you type into the address bar.

For example, after you type in a website's URL in Safari, it will automatically add a slash character (/) and a question mark (? In this way, Safari can display the web page you're viewing without causing an endless redirect loop. But Safari doesn't always interpret the trailing slash character or question mark for you.

How do I allow links to open on my iPhone?

If you use an iPhone, chances are you've got a lot of links in your text messages. A big reason for this is that in iOS 5, Apple introduced the Shorten tool.

Shorten is a free application that allows users to click on a shortened URL (via, or any other shortening service) and it will create a new long link for you. For example:

And here's the thing - Shorten doesn't work as expected when it comes to links. It appears to actually open the link in Safari itself. If I open a YouTube video inside the default YouTube app, it will automatically open Safari and begin playing the video inside Safari.e. That's not good if you want to open your links in email or on your browser.

I'm no programmer, but the only way I was able to stop this from happening is by manually creating a shortcut and using that to open my links. How do I force Shorten to open my links in Safari? This is the solution to the problem. Before you install Shorten, create a Safari shortcut with the URL you want to force it to open in Safari.e. This process is described here. After that, simply click on the shortcut and Shorten should open your desired link in Safari.

UPDATE: I received some criticism in the comment section of this article regarding using shortcuts. Shortcuts will only work in iOS 5 and later. If you are trying to use Shorten on an older device, here's how you can make a shortcut for one of your fav websites. Using Google: From the Home screen, pull down the Control Panel and select Open Bytouch.

Tap on the Safari icon and browse to the website you want. When you get there, click and hold on the site. A pop-up box should appear asking if you would like to make this your Home Screen item. Tap on OK to confirm.

A blank Home screen will appear. Navigate to any part of the screen where you want the website to appear. Tap on the site to load it. Drag it and drop on the home screen. You're done.

Using The process is very similar.

Why is my Safari not letting me click on links?

Make sure all the files on your website were uploaded via Finder and not through iCloud. Then: Log into the site with Safari.e. Click the hamburger icon in the top right-hand corner of Safari, choosing to choose "Private Window". The tab for the website will open up for you, and at the top of the screen it says "Safari" at the top of the screen, then the date and time, and the address bar for that window. Select "Always Allow". Then, after clicking "always allow" you'll have to wait for safari to download all of your files via https as well before you can continue.

Why is Safari not letting me open links?

I have just started using Safari to try and find a way to do what I have always done in Firefox: open links in new tabs. When I click on a link in a page (from Facebook, for example) it takes me to the link, but the tab in which I was just reading the page does not open. I am told that I need to first click on a link to open a new tab. This is the opposite of what I have always done.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this? I know it is probably something simple. I will leave it for someone who is more expert than I am.

Re: ? I don't think it's a problem with Safari.e. I'm not sure if you can change your preferences for all browsers, but I've found that you can control this behavior for just the browser you're currently using.

In Firefox, you can select Tools > Options, and select "Open Links in New Tabs" from the "When opening links in a new tab, instead of a new window. You can also select "Open Links in New Windows" from the "When opening links in a new tab, instead of a new window." option.

Safari has a similar option, and you can also choose which behavior you want for when a link is clicked on. Safari > Preferences > General > Tabs. You can either make all links open in a new tab or just those that are clicked on.

Originally Posted by btb. Thanks for the reply, BTB. This is how it is now for me. I am told that it is not safe for my computer to open links in new tabs. I have never used safari before. I tried to see what you were talking about but I do not understand. I have been told by my IT department that I have to change my settings in my operating system.

Why is my Safari not letting me click on links iPhone?

So I'm on my phone and I have a problem. I tried to click on a link, but nothing happens. I can't even click on the links on my iphone or any other link I come across in my web browser. It only seems to work on some sites. Other sites work fine. What could be the problem?

Go to Safari settings, and turn off "Ask before opening links". If that doesn't help, it may be an issue with your iPhone's internet connection, or DNS cache. Try clearing your DNS cache by going to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings and then restart your iPhone.

How do I enable links on my iPhone?

I use my iPhone for work a lot. I love the phone, but I hate how the links on my phone are disabled (and therefore I can't tap them to go to a webpage, instead of using Safari). How do I enable them?

You have to enable "Links" in Settings > General > Link Features. This answer is intended to be a permanent fix. You don't have toggle this setting back and forth anymore, from iOS 10 onwards.

However, if you want to disable it permanently, add the following code in your AppDelegate's FinishedLaunching method (this works on iOS 8 onwards): var defaults = NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults() defaults.setObject(true, forKey: "enabledlinks") defaults.synchronize() Make sure to remove the above code when your app is not going to be used on iOS 10. If your app is already live and you're worried about this, you may want to make a test version of your app with the above code.

Turning links on or off in Settings is only temporary. You have toggle it every time you open/close the app. But if you add this code to your AppDelegate:
Func applicationDidBecomeActive( application: UIApplication).
Then it will disable/enable links on the fly.

Why won't a link open when I click on it?

I don't quite know what code I need to post, so apologies if it's in a bit of a mess. First here's my html page.

Hello World

For good measure I have a test.php file on the same server that simply outputs hello world.

The link doesn't open, when I hover over the link I can click the link but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Use a link like this instead. Hello World Then use javascript to change its class name and style accordingly.

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