How do I fix access denied on this server on my iPhone?

How do you fix you don't have permission to access on this server Safari?

It would seem, at least to the person who sent you the original link, that they are on a school network. I imagine if you go on their site and try a search for their computer name that your permissions settings might be on the restricted list.

Safari, Firefox, IE and Chrome use various extensions and cookies for tracking users/users that have logged in. These extensions can not be turned off or changed within the browser without a security risk. The only other option is to use a third party browser/search engine of your choice, however you may be able to change the domain for your default search engine, depending on which browser you have. Hope this helps.

Hi, the only way to be secure is to use another web browser like chrome or firefox. For example if you don't like chrome you could use google chrome, if you don't like firefox you could use google chrome, same with all browsers.

In Chrome press ctrl-t to show the bookmark bar and click the "Customise and manage bookmarks" and find the bookmark "chrome://settings/content/cookiesAndSiteData/defaultCookies.html" which you'll have to add a star to indicate that you've used it before and click the star.

No need to star something you just use. That method doesn't work in chrome anymore. You need to create a new profile by holding shift as you open chrome then click Create a profile. And yes, chrome has a built-in way to secure it.

In fact, if a certain cookie can't be deleted, then that cookie can't be changed so it can't be hijacked to give access to the admin's account. I did not know you could change it on chrome via a profile.

How do I fix access denied on this server iPhone?

Hi there, I have had two Macs in the past 2 years which the iPhone has been a problem to access. I can access other Windows computers fine through the Apple device and others computers but my server will not let me in. Can someone give me a solution? (It is not my home computer) Thank you,
Cristi.e. You can try using an app that changes the settings of the iPhone and/or the server. In this case you need to change the security settings of the iPhone that is connected to the server. I'll try to explain what settings to change in steps.

This is an easy task because you only need to access the settings for your server through your iPad/iPhone. Open the Settings app on your iPad/iPhone. Tap on the Wi-Fi section. Tap on the option that says Configure as an Access Point. Connect your iPad/iPhone to the same network as your server and then you can see all its settings in the menu. There are quite a few options for each one of them, here I will be selecting a few that will help you connect to your server using the iPhone. Find Out The IP Address: Since you know the IP address of your server it is really easy to find out the IP address of your server from the menu by tapping on the option that says IP address and tapping on the link that says 192.168.0. This will give you the IP address of your server and there are two things you can do with the IP address.

You can access this information from a different device that is connected to the server, such as a PC. But when you choose this option you are given a direct connection to your server without going through the router.

If you chose this option you are asked to enter the username of your server and the password of your server. If you want to stay safe and never reveal your password then you should not enter anything and you can type in the IP address to your server and leave the security options open, but if you want to try the other options you can enter your password or the username of your server. I suggest that you enter the username to your server and try with both options available.

Why is my phone saying I don't have permission to access on this server?

I had an email sent from my account as my phone logged into email. I don't usually allow the phone to access my email, so this was the first time my phone ever accessed my email. After my phone had accessed the account it got confused about being set up for two-factor. My phone got confused about being set up for two-factor. That's why my phone was saying I didn't have permission to access that account even though I had authorized the use of that particular account (including all of the password and security questions) to my phone. My phone eventually got stuck in a loop of asking me for a password that I never actually typed. I tried re-starting the phone, resetting it completely, completely resetting the phone (no factory reset, factory new, wiped everything and set it to factory defaults). Then I wiped all of my storage to make sure it couldn't get any information off of it, and I restored my photos, documents, and videos from my computer which I back up on the cloud (Dropbox). I waited 24 hours and no email appeared in the "Sent" folder. Then I deleted my Dropbox account to make sure the account wasn't sending the email to me. Finally, I enabled my email account from my computer but haven't received any more emails since then. So if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

The first part looks good - if you don't know who the user account was made with, you've cleared all your other accounts, deleted the app, then re-created it using a factory fresh Android install, then removed all traces of this thing to ensure it will never access your Gmail again, I'd definitely think that should get rid of that behavior permanently!

How do I allow Safari permission on my iPhone?

I use an iPhone 3G and Safari seems to have a glitch when I am on a website where the video or animation is not working. The website works fine with Chrome and other browsers but not with Safari.

My workaround is to open up the website in Safari and allow it to show the videos by clicking on the "Enable Content" button. However, this only works for a couple of minutes and then I have to do it again. I have tried turning off Wifi and re-plugging my iPhone in hoping that would work but no luck. Is there anyway I can allow Safari to access the videos or is there another option I can try?

1 Answer.
It sounds like you're on an iPhone 3G which doesn't have any form of Mobile Safari, and this might be why you're having problems with Safari not playing Flash content. I'd suggest upgrading to a newer version of iOS, which should also bring with it Mobile Safari.e. This will allow you to use the full capabilities of Mobile Safari, including flash content.

If you really want to be able to view flash content, then you'll need to download a version of iOS (or other compatible mobile device) which does support Mobile Safari, or you'll need to update your iPhone.

How do I change permissions in Safari on iPhone?

Recently I've been going into "In Safari", going into options, and pressing the "permissions" tab. However, I don't know how to change the permissions in Safari.e. Is it possible to change them?
I am running an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.2.

The best way to do this on the iPhone is to install the app called EasyUnlock by Kevin Systrom (the co-founder of Instagram) and then use the app to unlock your screen. Then you can just go into Settings and toggle it as you please.

How do I fix access denied on this server Safari?

When I try to access this webpage through Safari, it always shows "Error: Access Denied". In addition, I get the message that I am not connected to the internet. How do I fix this problem?
This is my code. I have tried many different things. I don't know why it won't work.''. It appears to be assuming all traffic is from your web server. Try accessing the site on a browser that sends the User Agent string as a request header.

How do I fix access denied on this server on my iPhone?

I'm running the latest version of Parallels for Mac OS X v8.5.4. I have installed the Java plug-in so that the program is working properly on my iPhone 4S.

When I try to run the program I get a "no access to this resource" message. I'm assuming this is because my iPhone has no permissions to access the localhost server. How do I fix this?

It looks like you're using the applet version of the app, which is not supported on the iPhone. You should use the Java webstart version instead.

Why do I not have permission to access a website on Safari?

I am using Windows 7. My Safari is not working and I am able to use the internet with other browsers (Chrome, Firefox).

When I try to access a website, I get a message that I do not have permission to access this website. However, I can enter the website using my other browsers.

This does not happen when I use Safari in the Mac. How do I fix this? Right-click on the web browser you are having issues with, click Properties, then click on the Permissions tab. Click 'Apply' and close the window.

How do I fix access denied on Safari iPhone?

I am using safari and trying to access one of my internal servers via http, the ip is not in the white list of server but I am able to access it fine via ipv6. My question is can I fix this via some configuration on the device or is it something that needs a server side fix. Ok so there was some confusion on the port were trying to hit. The server were trying to hit was listening on port 80 so it was not accessible from the ipv6 address.

The solution is to find the correct ipv4 address of the server.

Why is my phone saying I don t have permission to access on this server?

I am having problems accessing a website hosted on an EC2 instance. I can ping the website ( and it responds with the IP address of my EC2 instance. But when I try to access the website () I get a 403 error, saying that I don't have permission to access the page.

I have followed the instructions here but it is not working. I can't find anything in the error logs about it.

I am running Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS.

How can I access this website? It turned out that the apache log file was just empty.

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