How do I unblock an app on Google Play?

How do I unblock an app on Google Play?

It appears that I can't download any apps anymore, even though I did nothing to try to block them. Can someone help? Note that I did try other things like going to Settings > Apps From Unknown Sources and then tap "Clear". But nothing worked.

I tried it and the problem is due to some third-party app which has access to my phone and not me. So when I used another PC or laptop to access my mobile phone then everything is fine but when the same apps are opened using my phone there is no connection. I suggest that you unblock any such app on the device.

How do I unblock blocked apps?

Hi, I installed the free version of Windows XP, it seems to be working really well, and when my wife needs to do something on the pc I take over. I am now wondering how I can unblock the apps (ie Skype), because all the options on the right side are greyed out.

It's almost 6am here and so it is not easy to think straight but we are in the UK. I assume you have an IP address to use if you haven't found the option yet.

I suggest using a program called Unblock Me instead. After the initial setup, it will automatically check all your program associations and tell you which ones have blocked you, so all you need to do is to right click on the application and "Unblock Me" it should work.

All I can say is that on my laptop I have a similar screen that all the options on the right are greyed out.I have tried running Spybot & Adaware as instructed by Windows but nothing changed other than the fact I no longer had any errors! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I find this difficult! All comments will be moderated before they are published. Please be assured that the only reason we are moderating your comments is to try to keep them focused on the original intent of discussion of the article.

Why is it saying Google is blocked?

I have just installed the new version of Firefox, and now my browser is saying that it can't access and many other sites. I thought this was a browser issue as it was working fine with Firefox 4.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I can access all the pages just fine when I open Firefox using Opera and Chromium. Thanks. Paul. It sounds like you're experiencing what we call a "Google DNS" issue. If your DNS settings are configured to use Google's DNS servers for resolving DNS queries, then that means that your computer will try to access the domain in question by going to Google. In that case, your browser will send a request to (and whatever else you've got configured to resolve to and will return the website.

If you don't want this to happen, you should try switching your DNS server to another one. The most reliable solution is to switch to OpenDNS's DNS servers. However, if you're only experiencing a problem at work, I think your employer might be able to handle this issue (assuming that they own the DNS servers).

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