Is SoftEther VPN trustworthy?

Where is SoftEther log file?

I found there no logs, it just exit silently. When is SoftEther restart? I have to type "softether restart" several times and it did not work.

Does the problem has something to do with proxy? Thanks a lot! Softether only saves its configuration to the registry on uninstall/reinstall. The only way to see log file is via command line c:>softether.log From an issue on the SoftEther Google Group: After uninstalling and reinstalling the SoftEther and the SoftEther Network, I got error like below. Error: Log Path not set. Error: SoftEther not running. Error: Unable to start process. Check that SoftEther is installed correctly. Check that SoftEther is running correctly.

What is the difference between VPN gate and SoftEther?

And does VPN gate require a gateway?

VPN gate - the VPN gateway has been built into the SoftEther network client, which makes it very easy for the clients to connect. Once they are connected the VPN gateway creates a virtual tunnel between the client and a real access point (or router) in the network.

As far as I can remember, VPN gate does not require the gateway to be running. It works well on its own.

SoftEther, if I am not mistaken, works by "linking" two VPN gateways together, with two VPN clients behind them. The gateway of the first client is used as the gateway of the second one, and vice versa. (This is because there are two gateways available on your network.) When a connection is made, both clients will be able to communicate with each other through the "link". If one of the gateways is down, then the other one becomes the active gateway. The first gateway is active if the other one is not available (and vice versa).

So, you basically need two gateways, two VPN clients and a "link" between them to work. This means that you need a gateway in the first place and that you will need a second network with the two VPN clients that are connected to each other in order for it to work.

I think it is easier to say that Softether is one VPN gateway with two VPNs connected (in a manner of speaking, since both VPNs are linked to the same physical gateway and both have their own private and public IPs). But maybe I'm wrong.

I don't think a VPN Gate is going to give you much better security than either of the VPs you mentioned because a VPN Gate only uses a single layer of encryption, which can be cracked by using the common man's tools, while Softether 2.5 uses IPSEC (with AES as the encryption algorithm), which is pretty damn secure even against the common man. Anybody who knows how to break AES can't break IPSEC because the math is different.

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