What is the salary for Selenium Tester fresher?

How hard is it to learn Selenium?

Is it confusing? There are tons of websites and videos that teach how to use Selenium?

I found that all those youtube videos don't have a concrete result, the code just looks very redundant and easier to write manually. It's been years now since I stopped properly using the selenium to automate sites, it's like rewriting legacy code. Last time I had selenium, I see it as a callback framework for headless browsers. Actually WebDriver should have been dropped years ago! Especially the Chrome and Firefox headless versions too, I think they should be part of chrome or firefox each on its own, because someone trying to make something conceptional just doesn't get the concept of HTML/CSS rendering different browsers (at least last time I checked). Plus current implementations of selenium are basically a way to automatize the process of navigating around a website on a browser.

I only use selenium anyways to get test results from clients who don't care about how their websites are coded, but would rather get the right test results. The biggest problem with selenium is it has 2 layers: 1 for the actual automation (the code to click a button, enter some values, etc.) and another one for running the whole parsing/test running infrastructure. It actually kind of sucks how this api forces you through 2 separate steps instead of having a single one running both steps in parallel.

If selenium was actually created about crawling/navigating websites and actually as a way to connect to the backend APIs, then it should of been here since the internet existed. Some browsers used to add the API like they were some website reading utilities, so it would easy enough to script scraping functionality.

For your general automation experience you should definitely check out fresh approach to YouTube video automation which covers almost all contexts including uploading or editing them. It's not like that. Selenium was designed to avoid an extremely painful situation. You use it in such cases? Pull your pants up and tell yourself to stop fking up things. Selenium is much more lightweight than you might think.

@Sqrt0 Wow, you are being controversial all the way. Why not recall how Selenium started and how different frameworks progress away.

What is the salary of a Selenium tester?

is the answer related to programming language?
If so, how high is the programming language that the tester should chose? If no, what are the other factors that affect the salary? What about the scope/scope defines, do they affect the salary? Please do elaborate. I am trying to do my research proper.

It's not linked to a programming language. In fact, many testers who use QTP don't use any programming language at all.

What really affects the salary is knowledge of the technologies and skills required. Generally speaking, experiences are the most concrete factor in determining an employee's salary. CI tools have helped identify the most important skills to have in order to be able to ramp up fast, but it's still possible to be a newbie and still get paid quite a bit. It's even quite possible to make a living as a tester without deep expertise.

What is the starting salary for a Selenium Automation Tester in India?

The starting salary for Selenium Automation Tester in India is approximately Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000 per annum.

Is there any numerical difference between Forming Group, Associate Group and Senior Associate Group provides salary when you are assigned according to your expertise level? No. There is no numerical difference between Forming Group, Associate Group and Senior Associate Group. Senior Associates are with a minimum of five (5) year of experience, and they are given more responsibilities. You may get more pay as per your area of expertise and experience.

What does Experience/Skill/ work profile relate to in an automation tester? Experience/ talent/ skill is what drives almost every automation tester to be successful at this field. The ability to read through scenarios and select appropriate ones, constant bug fixing, regular testing of backups of all above executions, is used to drive the job.

What is the difference between Fashioning group, Associate group and Senior Associate groups in terms of salary package, status? Neither Fashioning group nor Associate group causes it's salary to rise. What increases your skills and makes you a senior associate is your experience along with your degree or qualification.

What challenges an automation tester face in IT industry to make it as a career or maintain it? Everyone who finds their way towards automation has faced some sort of challenges. Sometimes it is keeping up with new advancement in the software industry and being able to comprehend what others in the industry are doing, as well as in the next level moving forward and being motivated to do so often leading into a dead-end position toning down to breaking parts of software until the client understands completely what an automation test is, which often leads into less than desirable reputation levels from this person's superiors and coworkers, but in the long run, even if you find that difficult to do, stay focused on passion as it will be greater peace of mind.

What is the Requirement for H1B Visa for an automation tester? By what percentage does it increase your chances of an automation tester getting a job? The H-1B provisional visa program aligns with the American Competitiveness and Success Act of 2023 (ACS Act) which implemented federal immigration reforms. It provides immigrants with an opportunity to apply for Green Cards through a system of quotas ().

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