How to setup PPTP VPN server on Android?

How do I find my VPN server address Android?

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Does Android support PPTP VPN?

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How to setup PPTP VPN server on Android?

Info. PPTP is an old protocol which is used to create VPN connections using PPPoE or PPPoA-IPv4 connection. This protocol uses Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPP) to securely route IP traffic between the remote and local network interfaces.

Today we need to know about ? So in this post, we will discuss about how to setup PPTP VPN server on Android. This article offers a step by step guide to install PPTP VPN server on Android devices and also suggest you how to configure PPTP VPN server with username and password. Note that this article will help you to setup PPTP VPN server on Android device. But you can also use this solution to create PPTP tunnel on any Linux machine.

In this tutorial, I will share an easy way to enable PPTP VPN server on Android. In this tutorial, I'm using Android Mate (6.0.1 Version) but you can follow this article to setup PPTP VPN server on other versions of Android also.

Steps to Setup PPTP VPN Server on Android. Download and install the PPTP components. The first thing we going to do is to download the PPTP components. For your information, I am using Android Mate v 6.1 version. So, the latest available components are as follows:

Apt-get update. To download the above components for your Android device, run the following command: Step 1 : Download the VPNGate binary. Before starting to setup PPTP VPN server on Android, we need to download the VPNGate binary (as you can see below). You should create a directory where you will save the VPNGate binary. For example, you can create a directory named VPNGate on desktop. Here is the command that root user can create a directory on Android device.

Mkdir /data/org.xbmc.vpn/bin

Step 2 : Download the PPPD binary. Now, to install the PPPD component, we need to download the PPPD binary. Again, I am using Android Mate OS. But you can download PPPD binary for other Android device and OS version also.

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