What is Yahoo Mail Plus?

What is Yahoo Mail Plus?

This update adds many great features that you're sure to love, such as:

IMAP for multiple accounts: You can now access your mail from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Security and simplified image handling: We've changed the way images are handled to make them load faster and keep the clutter away. Customizable themes: With color themes, you're in control of how your inbox looks. Remove ads: We've taken a stand against the intrusive advertising that can come from apps like Facebook. And much more. We recommend you give it a test run before making the switch. And if you do decide to switch, you can use the AutoCheck feature to save time on your first login.

Adding multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts on Yahoo Mail, you'll be able to add them all in just one touch! Manage your emails from one place. You now have a single dashboard where you can manage your email from Yahoo Mail, Google, and your other accounts, including Facebook and Flickr. And if you're not on Yahoo!, you can still access your Yahoo Mail from any computer, tablet or smartphone with our IMAP extension. Get fast mobile access with IMAP. When you use IMAP, you can access your mail from any computer, tablet or smartphone. It's faster than downloading the entire inbox to your mobile device, and you can still use all the features that your device offers. Plus, you'll get plenty of space for a bigger inbox.

Search, sort, and organize your messages. Sort and search every message, including those from your other accounts, with one tap. You can even search individual emails from your Yahoo Mail account.

Stay secure and anonymous. Yahoo Mail protects your privacy by using advanced technologies and keeping outdated accounts private and blocked.

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