What do they call football in Nigeria?

What is the ranking of Nigeria football in the world?

The question above is very common.

We as Nigerians are always interested in how far Nigerian Football is ranked in the world. I think the question can be answered easily. If you ask any Nigerian football fan, he will tell you that Nigeria has the 3rd best football playing nation in the world.

So, this year, we will find out how far is Nigeria ranked in the world. I will try to explain to you guys what is the ranking of the country and why we are ranked as such. I am gonna do it based on our achievements so far. In case there is something wrong, do comment below.

World Ranking in the world. As far as I know, FIFA has published a ranking of the country where Nigerians live in. Their website will have the list of countries ranked from 1-250.

According to this ranking, the top position is held by Australia. So, if you see the world ranking above, Australia is at number 1 while Nigeria is at number 13. The ranking is based on many things including the number of players who are professional football players, the number of fans that watch football matches, football fields that have their own stadiums.

The ranking is based on several criteria. Nigeria does not have a stadium that could be considered to be like a 'world class' stadium. That means the stadium is not capable of holding huge crowds. Nigeria have no TV broadcasting that is very popular and most of us love watching football.

Nigeria is ranked as 13th best nation. On the other hand, Nigeria football has made many achievements in the last few years. Below are the achievements and the ranking of the country.

What do they call football in Nigeria?

Why must Nigerians play "football"?

And why are they so good at it? This piece was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article here.

Football's history in Nigeria. Football's history in Nigeria is intimately intertwined with the country's history of colonialism, slavery, and independence. A British military officer, Hugh Clifford, introduced football to Nigeria in 1897. Nigeria was an autonomous protectorate of the British Empire at that time and its footballers were initially referred to as Nigerians.

The first game of football in Nigeria was played in 1892 in the village of Etsako. The local Anglican priest - Rev. Mr. Charles Stewart Macnamara - decided to start a football club in his church school. After the school became too large for the church premises, the students were moved into a neighbouring school named Old Mission. Macnamara was initially the president of the team, a role held until 1913.

There was a lot of interest from outside the church for the football team. At first, games were only played with other teams from Old Mission School, but in the years that followed, games were played with teams from other parts of the country and also in some towns outside the region.

When the British decided to abolish slavery in 1905, over 800,000 of their citizens had been held as slaves by foreign owners. These people were also required to work on plantations in West Africa. The former slave owners wanted their slaves freed. Many of the freedmen were forced into hard labour. This was not acceptable to many British people and they were outraged by this practice. Football was seen as a pastime that would make life harder for the slaves. The British wanted the freed slaves to return to the old path of primitive savagery.

As a result of these events, a football club was created, named Ibadan FC. It was first founded in 1915 by a group of freed slaves. Most of them worked as carpenters and masons. Ibadan FC did not have access to a grass pitch so they played their matches on waste land near the port and then moved back into the town when it became an official stadium in the early 1920s.

Some people saw football as a symbol of freedom.

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