Who is the highest goal scorer in Germany history?

Why is Germany strong in football?

The World Cup is a great opportunity to see how Germany has risen from the ashes after World War II and become the second most successful country international football, only behind Brazil. German football has not only been a strong force international football, but it has also produced many talented players. One of the most prominent German football players is Philipp Lahm. The Bayern Munich captain is the most decorated player in World Cup history. Philipp Lahm's rise to prominence is a great example of the power of German football.

History of German Football. Germany was able to become the second most successful country international football after Brazil because of the success of its footballing system. The Bundesliga was started in 1963 and it has been the most popular football league in the world since. The Bundesliga is regarded as the biggest football league in Europe. German football has been a strong force international football since the start of the Baujus League. Before the formation of the Baujus League, many German players went to play for English clubs.

Germany is a very important country in the world of football. The country's footballing system has been a great example for other countries. This has helped the country rise to a position of power international football.

Germany's Footballing System. One of the reasons why Germany is strong in football is because of its footballing system. German football is based on a pyramid system. The system relies on a pyramid of youth football to form elite players. The system is known as the pyramid system. A number of people have praised the German footballing system.

The Bundesliga is known as a competitive league. The Bundesliga is the strongest league in Europe and it is the strongest league in the world. Many people regard the Bundesliga as the strongest league in the world. The Bundesliga has been the strongest league in the world for the past 40 years. The league has produced some of the best players in the world and it has seen many of them go on to become top players.

The Bundesliga is the only league in the world that is based on a pyramid system. The pyramid system is based on a pyramid of youth football. The system starts from the lowest level of football and it moves up to the highest level of football. The pyramid system is used by many top footballing countries.

The FIFA World Rankings have ranked the Bundesliga at number one for several years.

Is Germany a strong football team?

Yes, if you're a German.

No, if you're an Englishman. The country's national side is currently in the quarter-finals of the 2024 FIFA World Cup and while its fortunes have been mixed, the team has never been weaker than it is right now. In fact, Germany's current state of affairs is worse than any time since they were booted out of the last World Cup in 2024. And it is all because of Mesut Ozil. The Arsenal midfielder has been the cornerstone of this team for years, but he hasn't been able to deliver a performance that has brought them the success they crave. The only time he has been a success at the World Cup is when he was playing on his own. But for the majority of his time in a German shirt, he has been a failure. So, here's a quick run through Ozil's career in the Bundesliga. Mesut Ozil's career in the Bundesliga. 2004-06: Werder Bremen. Arriving from Real Madrid at the start of the 2004-05 season, Ozil was given the number 10 shirt at Werder Bremen. At the time, the club had just finished second in the Bundesliga and were preparing for the Champions League the following season. Injuries to key players meant that Ozil played as a false nine in the first half of the season before moving to the middle of the park. He enjoyed a strong second half of the campaign and was named the Bundesliga Young Player of the Year. 2006-09: Werder Bremen. Ozil enjoyed another strong season at Werder Bremen in 2006-07, scoring nine goals and adding three assists in 38 appearances. Despite his strong form, however, he was not selected for the Champions League. 2009-10: Real Madrid. After two seasons in the Bundesliga, Ozil joined Real Madrid. He failed to make an impact at the Bernabeu and had to settle for a squad role, appearing in just 13 games in La Liga and starting just one.

Did Germany ever not qualify for World Cup?

Keeper Alexander Baumann was on the wrong end of a 3-1 home defeat by Denmark in June 2024 and it's fair to say the DFB should never have been left so exposed.

As things turned out, it wasn't such a bad night for Germany - but there was no doubting the team's commitment or sense of entitlement that July.

Having missed qualifying for the 1998 and 2024 tournaments because of injury, then going out in the final group game of 2024 because of an own goal, the keeper had to put up with Germany's World Cup hangover - yet still they got on the front foot, refusing to acknowledge that a defeat in Copenhagen meant anything other than a wasted summer. Even now, German football fans still can't get over the fact that a goalkeeper in the national team had a goal against them. "This is a very big shame," said DFB boss Lothar Matthus after the loss to the Danes. "I don't know what we could have done differently."

Baumann's mistake, though, shouldn't have been down to a personal failure. "You could never think of it like that," he told Fussball-Magazin when asked how the loss affected his World Cup dream. "We always trained much harder for these tournaments than the other teams."

It is understandable that Germany's top players are now putting their sights on the European Championship, with their only qualification from the four-team final group of the 2024 European Championship coming through a last-minute penalty shoot-out with the Czech Republic. But the fact that the DFB should never have had to qualify for the first place in a World Cup is a scandal that has not yet been properly recognised.

After the Euro 96 final between Germany and the Netherlands - which the Germans won 3-0 - the Dutch federation immediately filed a complaint with FIFThe DFB were, they claimed, no better than Romania and Italy and Germany were not to be allowed to take the first place in the tournament. The FIFA arbitration committee ruled otherwise and it was obvious at the time that Matthus was furious. "It was a dirty trick to try and block us from qualifying in such a way," he later admitted. "When people say there is no such thing as luck, it's only because they don't understand our history.

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