Is Surfshark VPN trustworthy?

Is Surfshark better than NordVPN?

The NordVPN is a popular VPN provider in the US.

They offer very good customer support and are always working to improve their product. The NordVPN also has some great security features. However, Surfshark is the preferred VPN provider of many.

So which VPN is better for you? To help you answer that question, we have two side by side comparisons of Surfshark vs NordVPN. If you're looking for the best VPN for torrenting, check out the NordVPN vs Surfshark torrenting comparison.

Surfshark Vs NordVPN Comparison: What are the Pros and Cons of each? Let's take a look at the main pros and cons of Surfshark vs NordVPN. Surfshark vs NordVPN: Summary. Here's the simple short summary: Surfshark is the best option if you're looking for the best US VPN provider and the NordVPN is the best option if you're looking for the best VPN provider in the UK. Surfshark: Best for torrenting. NordVPN: Best for torrenting. Pros of Surfshark: Easy to use. Very easy to use. Quickly setup. Great user interface. Cons of Surfshark: No IP address logs. No kill switch. No free trial. No Kill Switch: A kill switch is a feature that stops all internet traffic if your VPN connection drops. It can be particularly useful when streaming video or playing online games.

Without a kill switch, your VPN connection could drop, and you'd need to stop what you're doing and reconnect. Unfortunately, Surfshark doesn't have a kill switch feature. So if your connection drops, you'll have to stop what you're doing and reconnect again.

IP address logs: Surfshark doesn't record IP address logs. This means they don't collect or store your internet connection information.

However, as a privacy company, Surfshark offers the best possible privacy protection. They're one of the only companies on the market that can offer this level of privacy protection.

What happened to Surfshark VPN?

A brief history of Surfshark

The popular VPN service Surfshark has just recently gone under and the reasons why are a bit strange.

We recently covered the release of the newest version of the Surfshark Windows desktop application. The news sparked a lot of interest, because it seemed that in the last few days there was almost a complete breakdown of the service. It's important to highlight that we believe these events are related and we'll tell you about them soon. In the meantime let's take a look at what the VPN provider Surfshark has been up to.

Surfshark had a relatively good start when they were granted one million dollars for their first year of operation from the founder of Dennis Howlett, an entrepreneur who turned to a more traditional business path as his company went public and he sold to Ziff Davis Media. The company was founded by Ben Bajarin who was a respected telecom industry analyst, and before he became a blogger, he worked for the company for more than 10 years.

However, the road wasn't all smooth sailing for Surfshark, which was plagued with problems and delays. In March 2024, one month after starting operations, the company released a statement explaining the delays were the result of a network outage.

After this, the only communication between Surfshark and its users took place through email. They sent out emails asking users to stop sending emails complaining about their service and notifying them about the issues that they are trying to fix.

Shortly after this, the company sent out an email to existing customers telling them that the company would be charging them 6.99 per month to renew their subscription. This was followed by several other email threads complaining about how the company had been giving information in an ambiguous way and then suddenly stopped communicating.

However, according to a Reddit post from April 2024, Surfshark did not have a business agreement with GoDaddy but was simply using their platform and infrastructure. According to their company blog, the VPN provider Surfshark stated they've decided to close their doors forever, in August 2024, two months after they started services.

Is Surfshark VPN trustworthy?

Surfshark VPN is a product of Surfshark Limited.

We're an established company based in the UK, and have been around for many years. Our team consists of professional web developers, marketing specialists, product specialists, and software engineers.

We also have a dedicated office where we work hard to ensure that Surfshark is the safest and best VPN in the world. Our network of servers and connections is constantly expanding, to meet the needs of our customer base. Our top priority is to keep our service stable, and we always strive to be the leader in virtual private network.

We keep our software secure by regularly updating our software and adding new features, such as P2P capabilities, ad-blocking tools, and much more. To learn more about Surfshark and our services, please visit or read through our blog.

What is Surfshark VPN? Surfshark was developed with users in mind. It aims to give users a hassle-free VPN experience, with more bandwidth and more options than most other VPN providers. We aim to take away the hassles of choosing your VPN.

When you choose Surfshark, we handle all the technical aspects of VPN connection and security, allowing you to focus on things like your gaming. We provide a secure and consistent connection that works anywhere, at any time. Surfshark takes care of everything and you can enjoy the benefits without having to think about anything.

The benefits of Surfshark. Speed Matters: You can never trust a VPN provider when it comes to speed and speeds from Surfshark VPN are excellent. We're able to connect you to over 6,400 servers in over 140 countries, so you will be able to access your preferred websites and other apps when needed.

You can never trust a VPN provider when it comes to speed and speeds from Surfshark VPN are excellent. Security: When you are using Surfshark VPN, your computer will act as if it is in your own country. We make sure that the location of your computer, and thus the sites you browse, remain private.

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