What does selenium do for eyes?

How much selenium for Graves eye disease?

The usual dose of selenium for Graves' disease (or eye hyperthyroidism) is 200 micrograms a day. This is about the same as the recommended daily dose of vitamin E, and a lot less than the usual dose of 5 mg a day.

Seaweed is high in iodine. This site says that the thyroid needs 1 milligram per pound of body weight of iodine a day, to make thyroid hormone (the thyroid gland makes this when the body needs it). If you have been taking selenium for your thyroid conditions, the best way to know how much is necessary is to check how well you are feeling. If you feel very well and feel that you are having the right number of symptoms, and you feel fine after taking a dose, then you likely do not need any more. However, if you feel tired and/or sluggish, or you are experiencing symptoms that you were not before taking selenium, then you might need to increase the amount you take.

Should I take selenium if I have Graves disease?

I started having a lot of eye tingling, burning eyes, blurry vision, and swelling in my eyes about a month ago.

I was to get an appointment with the eye doctor last Tuesday, but he could not find any infection, or anything that could be causing it. So he referred me to the endocrinologist. I have also been having problems going to sleep and wake up during the night and during the day (at random times). I take 50mg of thyroxine (Euthyrox) and 25mg of propranolol (Inderal) for Grave's Disease. Is this something that should be taken into account when deciding if I should take selenium? I feel like the selenium would help my symptoms.

Hi.e. Your thyroid hormones are probably good levels, however that doesn't mean you have Grave's disease. You may have thyroid eye disease (TED) which is an autoimmune disease and has nothing to do with Graves' disease. See your eye doctor. Also, when does your tinnitus start? If it sounds like noise, then that's what you hear in your head when you fall asleep, you will still hear it even when you're awake. This will be fine. But if it sounds like buzzing or "ringing" in your ears, you may have something else going on like Meniere's disease which will cause vertigo that can't be controlled with medication, and need to be treated surgically. You can look up information on that type of tinnitus online. You can also get more specific advice from an Audiology Center or Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

I just think that taking a selenium supplement would be one way of potentially "helping" the Thyroid to manage your eye issues (assuming you have Thyroid Eye Disease/TEA). If you do decide to take this, you will need to take high-quality organic non-GMO selenium (at least 70% w/w) and you'll need to stay on a very good dosing schedule and make sure you're drinking enough water and getting 8-10 hrs of sleep. Also, this form of selenium is NOT recommended for people with cancer or those taking chemotherapy because of this safety issue.

What does selenium do for eyes?

How does the combination of eye exercises, good nutrition, and natural treatment with selenium work?

You may be wondering how to make sure that you will use the right diet. Selenium is found in the foods. It is also available in supplements. This nutrient is a very important supplement for eyes. Eye exercises are very important to stay healthy. I have written some articles about exercises for eyes.

If you want to have a healthy diet, then you must include foods which contain selenium. A cup of Brazil nuts has nearly 5,000 mcg selenium per cup. You can get an even more amount if you have brown rice. You should also eat fish. Fish oil is an excellent source of selenium. However, the best sources are fish as well as Brazil nuts.

Some foods are higher in selenium than others. For example, broccoli is high in selenium. It is found at the top of many lists. It has 477 mcg of selenium per cup. This is the amount that is needed per cup of boiled broccoli.

Selenium is antioxidant. It helps in reducing the amount of cataracts in the eyes. It also improves the circulation of blood around the eyes. The circulation of blood is very important to the health of the eyes.

When I go to my eye doctor, the first thing that he asks me to do is the eye exercises. After that, I eat selenium-rich foods. The next step is to take a selenium supplement. I take 200 mcg of selenium per day. When I use this selenium supplement, I reduce the number of my cataracts.

I had 20 of them before taking the supplement. Today, I only have six. I am grateful for this selenium supplement. I had a problem which is linked to vitamin D deficiency. A vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cataracts. The supplement from Selens is good for these patients.

How can you have a healthy diet and use it for your eyes? You should eat seafood at least twice a week. Some vegetables and fruits are rich in selenium. This nutrient is also found in some meats. These nutrients are excellent for your eyes.

When you eat seafood, you must think about the safety of the seafood.

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