Can I track my husband on Google Maps without him knowing?

Will people know if I share my location with them?


We will always make it clear when we are using your location information and why.

How do you make money from my location data? We provide services that deliver information about your location, as well as services to enhance your experience with our products and services, such as maps and directions. Will you share my location with third parties? In some instances, we may need to share your location information with third parties, including companies that provide services to us and third parties with whom we have relationships for marketing purposes. In those cases, we ask these third parties to agree not to use your location information for other purposes. If you don't want to share your location information, you can turn off location sharing on your device by going to the app or web settings menu and selecting app or web settings.

Will you share my location data with government agencies? We comply with legal requirements when responding to valid requests from law enforcement or government agencies investigating criminal activity, preventing death or serious bodily harm, locating missing children or reuniting families, and fighting terrorism. In certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose your location information to government agencies if required by law, a court order, or other lawful request for information.

How do I control what information I share with Apple and other companies? You can manage your location sharing preferences through the Settings menu on your iOS device and the Location Services settings on your Mac. What if I want to stop sharing my location information? If you would like to stop sharing your location information, go to the app or web settings menu and select app or web settings. How do I control what information I share with Google? Google collects anonymous information when you use the Google services on our websites, apps, and services. To learn more about Google's privacy practices, please visit Will Apple be able to share your location information with other companies? We do not share your location information with other companies. What if Apple cannot provide me with access to my location information? If you no longer wish to receive automatic location information from us, you can disable the Location Services feature on your iPhone or iPad. When will you stop tracking my location?

Can I track my husband on Google Maps without him knowing?


Hello, I want to track my husband (who does not have a smartphone) on Google Maps. We live in a non-smartphone area, he does not want to carry his phone with him, and I do not want to share personal information with anyone.

I use the Google "Find My Phone" on his Android phone, but it sends me texts or calls that I cannot do anything with. Can I somehow use the other Google service (or third-party program) to track my husband without having to send a text or call? Not without his knowledge. If you are on Android, see Can I use Google Maps from an iPhone? There is no Google app for iOS. I believe the closest thing is Apple's Find My Friends which is part of iCloud, and I believe you can send a friend request to your wife's iPhone but I have never used it.

How do I track a family member on Google Maps?

Google has released a new tool that allows users to track a family member's activity on Google Maps.

The tool is designed to help people keep up with the whereabouts of a loved one who may be at risk of abduction or missing.

Family Tracker lets you see where someone is on Google Maps. You can see their photos, their home address, and where they may be going. The tool can also help you know if someone has been in an accident, or been involved in any other kind of crime.

How to use Family Tracker. Open your Google Maps app on Android or iOS. Click on the new "Family" tab at the top of the map. Enter the first name of a person you want to track. Then click "Track." What information can I find with Family Tracker? You can see the following information for each person you track: Current location. Last photo. Last activity on Google Maps. Time last seen. Activity on Google Maps (what are they doing on Maps, and how long ago?). What happens when I track someone? When you start tracking someone, the first thing that happens is a small map icon appears at the top of the map. This shows you where the person's location is on the map. When you click on this icon, a balloon will pop up showing more information about where they are.

When you click on a person's location, the following information will show up on the map: Family Tracker is great because it can tell you when they last logged in and what they were doing on Google Maps, including walking, biking, driving, public transit, or anything else. It can also help you figure out where they are in a specific place. For example, it can show you if they're in a restaurant, shopping mall, or movie theater.

The Family Tracker also tells you when they last visited a specific place, and it gives you a timeline of when they were there. If your tracked person was involved in an accident, you'll also be able to see that, as well as the time of the accident. Why would I want to track someone? Family Tracker helps you stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of a family member.

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