How do I stop my Mac from blocking websites?

How do I allow Safari to open websites?

Safari allows you to enable and disable opening websites automatically. You can also adjust the settings that determine when and where Safari opens your website, how often Safari checks your bookmarks, and when and where Safari alerts you about a page that isn't functioning properly.

To change the settings that control when and where Safari opens a website, choose Safari Preferences. In the General tab, you find the option for allowing websites to open automatically. To open websites automatically, move the slider to On. To disable the automatic opening of web pages, move the slider to Off. This setting remains in effect until you manually start Safari, open a website in a link, or add the page to a bookmark.

The default setting, On, opens all pages that Safari visits. You can limit this setting so that only certain pages open automatically. The number of options to select varies, depending on what kind of website you're visiting. When you visit a web page, a small menu icon at the top right corner of the address bar indicates whether the site's automatic opening is enabled ( ). If it is enabled, as shown in Figure 7-2, the changes to a lock to indicate that you can no longer make changes to Safari's automatic opening settings.

Figure 7-2. Top left: Safari won't automatically open web pages if the little icon in the address bar is locked (green). Top right: At the bottom of the status bar, click Open in Browser if you want to tell Safari to open a specific website. Bottom: Click the plus icon next to any website to add it to your Bookmarks list.

### Note. Some sites contain hidden pages that Safari can't find. Safari's automatic opening setting doesn't apply to those pages. To add a website that has such a hidden page to your Bookmarks list, first open the site in a web browser. Safari should see the page. Then choose Bookmarks Add Bookmark. Safari opens the site in its own browser, and then places a copy of it in the Bookmarks list.

How do I unblock a site on Safari?

If you are trying to unblock a site on Safari on your Mac but find yourself having issues, you are not alone. Every time you try to view a blocked website on Safari for macOS, you will get the following error message: Your site can't be displayed because of a technical problem. The content may have been removed or replaced with content from another site.

We know that this is frustrating and we apologize. It's the reason why we have put together a short article that explains what you need to do to unblock a website on Safari.e. We hope this will help you in future.

Why do I get this error message on Safari? When you try to access a website that has been blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the government, the site is blocked by default in Safari.e. Safari is a free, open-source web browser for Macs, and it is the default web browser on Apple computers.

If you are trying to visit a blocked website that is in Safari, you are probably getting the error message below. Blocked Webpage. Our tip to bypass the above-mentioned error message is to access the website through a different browser. How to access websites that are blocked by your ISP. If you are not able to access a website that you want to view, you may need to call your ISP to request unblocking the site. Many ISPs are willing to unblock certain websites for their users if they are not going to break any rules and the content does not contain inappropriate content.

Some people are aware of the unblocking process, while others may not know about it. Here is a quick guide to unblock websites on your ISP: Call your ISP to request an unblocking code. Enter the unblocking code that your ISP provides into Safari.e. Once you enter the unblocking code, you will be able to access the blocked website. How to access websites that are blocked by your government. In most countries, the Internet service providers are required to filter out pornography and other explicit content from their network. In addition to this, in some countries, the authorities may require to block websites that host content that may cause harm to minors.

You need to contact your government to find out what websites they have blocked.

How do I allow blocked content on Safari?

I'm trying to block an entire category of content from my site on Safari (iOS 12), but I cannot figure out how to do it. I've blocked it by URL, but when I search for an instance of it using the search bar on Safari, it finds it.

I've tried using Apple's filter list in Content Blocker - and I've tried using the third party Ublocklist, but the same thing happens: I still find pages that appear in the search results. Is there a way to remove content from search results without making the site completely inaccessible? In addition to what @n4kostar mentioned, there is also a setting for filtering certain categories, subcategories, or specific instances. I would assume this is for blocking content on specific sites but am not sure. Try clearing your browser cache and seeing if that clears up the situation.

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