What does IP mean in customs?

What does IP mean in customs?

Hey all - I'm hoping you can help me out here, as I am really stuck. When I was planning on travelling to China to visit my family and friends, it turned out they were going through a customs issue with Hong Kong airport, so they wanted me to go to the airport in Shenzhen instead (which is also close by). Unfortunately I have no idea how my IP would be changed, as I have never been outside the US before, and all of my communication about it has been through email and phone calls, which aren't very reliable. Does anybody know anything about this? I guess I will have to call Hong Kong's main international carrier, and I haven't been able to get ahold of them yet. Thanks a lot for any help, and sorry if this is the wrong place to ask!

Thanks for your response I guess it's an IP issue with the carrier, maybe the best thing to do is just go to the hotel and ask whoever is staying there to tell the desk where you are staying so you can have someone come pick you up and send you to Shenzhen? Hey I just got my flight changed on the phone from Chicago -> Hong Kong, they will bring me into Hong Kong and drop me at the airport. But will I have to go straight to the airport then or should I go to the local shopping center/food court first? I will have to do something like this on the 23rd August when I fly to Hong Kong, it will be my first time out of the US, I'm not sure if I'm taking a layover flight, I was told to ask my hotel for the airport information. You will go straight to the airport. And you cannot buy more time at Hong Kong international airport. It will take 8 hours to arrive Hong Kong. So best thing is to reach Hong Kong in 3 days. You should buy train tickets on same day.

It seems pretty simple. But I have a flight on August 27th at 4:15pm which is a direct flight from LA to Hong Kong.

What are the problems with intellectual property?

What problems are the problems? They are all problems: patent trolls and their ilk are bad for the entire system. In other words, it can not be any "problem" without there being some advantage to somebody to have the problem, and some disadvantage to having everybody have the problem. For example, it seems clear to most people that we want our doctors to be able to practice their art (and our hospitals to provide the care required). Similarly, as a practical matter, we don't want people to practice magic and to have a world where everything is for sale, but this sort of problem has always and necessarily caused us some diseconomies; but not in any way that is easily comparable to the costs and harms of a world of patent trolls.

We should not allow the solution to the "problem" to be an exception to the rules - which means that all the rest of the rules of the game have to be applied so that the patent system works well. But the cost of doing this seems like the price of having the patent system.

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