Do I need to pay customs duty for gift?

What happens if you don't declare gifts at customs?

The US is a great place to shop and they only care about the things they can sell. If your giving your gifts to your parents abroad (they can be from ANYWHERE), they may not declare them as gifts, but instead put them in their bags as "clothing". This can happen at international borders. Then they just put them in a suitcase as they are considered clothing and go through the x-ray machine. This will raise red flags, though. You have to take all bags that come in the main room through the x-ray machine and put them on the tray for the officials. Then you hand over all the gifts. Some will come back with a sticker saying "declined". You can't know whether they are allowed in or not until after they have been in the main room.

There is a good chance that the customs official will tell you what time they take the luggage to be inspected and that you can get it back, even when that's not their policy. I had my parents ask for that for me, so they didn't have to come out to the car. There's nothing to stop you from doing this. Just check out the rules in advance.

Do customs officials care about gifts given to them by a child? I have no idea but if you say "no comment" and just smile you are fine. They cannot ask you where you got your gift. So if the gift was there when they came through they are ok with it. If you did not give it to them directly or gave it to them in a car, you could have it taken away from you at your departure gate. Even if you do nothing wrong there can still be problems with an older adult getting sick or dying or a family member dying. They could put it on the return portion. They could send it to the local embassy. They could delay your flight for some time or give you a fine. There are lots of things that could happen. Best to follow the rule: smile and ignore

What should I do when someone tells me that the gift I'm giving is going to cause problems? If there are any issues your customs office should be notified.

How do you mark an item as a gift for customs?

I have been getting a lot of questions about this on Instagram.

I want to make sure that we can all do this right so it makes our customs experience easier! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

Gift wrapping. You need to fill out the Gift/Recipient information. When you are putting a gift tag on, be sure to write in the Recipient's name. The recipient will be able to see who the gift is for and they can also claim it if they want to.

When you get your package at customs, make sure to write down the items inside in the customs form. The customs form should say what item is being imported into Canada and what country is it from.

Gift wrapping and item information in the customs form. Here are some common customs questions that people ask us on Instagram. If you have any other questions or things you need help with, don't hesitate to message me! How do I know if my package was opened at customs? I have had packages come in and they had tape around them. The customs agent has put the package on the scale and there was tape on the package. The customs agent has also not taken the package off the scale. This means that your package was opened at customs.

When I open a package at customs, how can I know if it's been opened? If you receive a customs package, you will be told by the customs agent to open the package. We recommend that you do this in a safe area because you don't want to hurt yourself opening the package. If the package is taped closed, then it hasn't been opened at customs.

How do I know if my package was tampered with? When you receive a package at customs, you will be told to open the package. If the package is taped closed, it hasn't been tampered with at customs.

When I open a package at customs, how can I know if it's been tampered with? If you receive a customs package, you will be told to open the package. If a package is taped closed and it has been tampered with, how do I know who did it?

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