How do I automatically run a macro at a specific time in Excel?

How do I run a macro automatically based on time?

I have a macro that needs to run at every hour of the day.

How do I create a time trigger that will run my macro? Is there a better way to automate this? Sub Macro1(). 'If the hour is 9 am or later, then run the macro. If DateDiff("h", Date, Now) >= 9 Then. Run Macro. End If. End Sub. This would work: Option Explicit. Sub Test(). If Hour(Now) >= 9 Then. MsgBox "Hi! If you want to check the current time within the hour, you can use something like: Sub Test(). Dim dt As Date. dt = Now. If Hour(dt) >= 9 Then

Can you run a macro when Excel is closed?

I'd like to run a macro when my Excel is closed.

My users will frequently work on documents for hours and hours on end, and it would be nice if there was an automated "I've been working on this document for 3 hours now. Give me 5 minutes of fresh air!" trigger.

I've had no luck looking at the docs, and I can't imagine having luck here, but anyone think this might be possible? I'd be willing to write a simple VBA if I could just figure out how to get started, so any info would be appreciated! The best way to do what you want is by using the VBA code in your workbook. To close a file, there is nothing that Excel can do except to run a macro that closes the file. The only way to really accomplish what you want is to include some VBA code to run every time you launch Excel and close the file. It may look something like this:

'Open your workbook. Sheet1.Activate 'Close the workbook. Application.Quit This code will put all the code in your workbook (from the opening through closing of the file) into one or two macros. I am sure there are a lot of other ways to do this that are more elegant.

Thanks, I'll try that. I don't have much experience writing VBI'm more interested in whether it can be done without code; if I run an action when the file is closed, will the user actually see it? My fear is that the file will just be opened again when the user goes to their machine to work, and they won't even notice the little sign.

Thanks, that did the trick! The issue were facing was that the computer was shutting down before the macros ended, so the user never saw them. That's nice to know that there's some sort of system in place to automatically force Excel to "re-open" files after they're finished.

I've read some of the comments in the thread, and there was talk of using "On Shut Down" for something like this, but apparently that's not as easy as it sounds. Do you happen to know anything about this? Is it possible to create a custom dialog box on shutdown? Thanks for responding!

How do I enable macros before opening Excel?

I have an Excel workbook that I open up, then make a few selections to run macros for this year, after that I close Excel and it opens up perfectly, without the prompts on me.

How do I enable macros on a user's workbooks that will open after opening my workbook? This is not the problem I'm trying to fix. The end result is what I want. Just the "after" part.

If the question is how do I ensure macros will run before you launch the user's workbook? This can be done by saving your workbook as an XLA file. Once you save the workbook as an XLA file, it is automatically run and does not ask the user to activate macros before launching the application. More details on the link from Microsoft below. Note that once your workbook is saved as an XLA file, it will run the macro regardless of the state of macros in your main workbook.

When saving workbooks to a different file format, the file is always treated as both XML and an archive. When you open an XML document, there are three ways of running the macros: On-demand Run the macros immediately prior to running the workbook, regardless of the state of the macro security settings in the user's file. You can specify that your macros are on-demand macros by using the XMLWorkbook option on the Workbook object or the xlOpenXMLWorkbook method.

Manual Run the macros manually using the Run Macro dialog box or by running the macros via the Visual Basic Editor's Immediate window. Auto Run the macros automatically (as long as the workbook contains no security-protected macros) by reading the XML of the file format, extracting the list of macros that is listed in the XML and attempting to run each macro. This is similar to the way that macros are handled when creating ZIP archives, XML databases, or other file formats.

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