How do I get HTTP protocol in Wireshark?

How do I see all protocols in Wireshark?

I am using Wireshark to monitor my network. I have tried to figure out what all protocols my server and client use but none of the tutorials or documentation mention how to do this.

For example, I can see all HTTP packets, but they're in a column with many other layers, not grouped together. So how can I see them in just one group? Is there any way to view all TCP and IP packets in their own layer? Edit: Screenshot of Wireshark. In Wireshark version 0.99.3:

Right click on a filter that appears to be filtering on protocol == X. Choose Edit Filter. The list will open. Click on "Edit". At the top of the list there is a dropdown called Protocol. That's where you'll want to change the order.

For Windows users of Wireshark 2.x Open the Packet Details dialog, right click on the protocol you wish to inspect in and choose 'Show As'.

How to filter HTTP port in Wireshark?

How do you filter traffic on a specific HTTP port? I want to see only that traffic. How? I know how to filter an IP address, but I can't figure out how to do it with a port number.

First of all, you need to specify an option in the "filter-and" and "show advanced search filters" menu under Preferences->Capturing->Traffic Analysis. Make sure to press Enter first for it to show up.

Now that you have done this (just go to "preferences", then "traffic analysis", enter some numbers and press Enter), add a new "filter" like so: You can now just specify in the filter-string that you need traffic for port 80, and it will only filter for your desired port 80 traffic.

How do I get HTTP protocol in Wireshark?

After capturing a packet with Wireshark and it looks like this: Is there any way how I can get what protocol was used in this packet? Select the packet in Wireshark, right click on it and select Properties. On the General tab, you will see an HTTP Protocol column. You should have both HTTP version 1.1 and 1.0 (depending on what versions of Wireshark you have).

You will see an asterisk on the right of the protocol column if the packet is missing the protocol field.

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