How do I find my proxy server username and password?

How do I create a proxy username and password?

You have to create a proxy user, and this is easy.

Simply choose a username, select the proxy type that you want, and click "Create". In the resulting window, you can enter a proxy username and password. It works fine using my corporate proxy.

How do I make a VPN connection? Make sure your Android device supports the VPN type you want to use. In this case, it's "openvpn". The list of supported protocols appears in Settings > More > Network settings > Data Usage (network > Other), where you will see whether openvpn is listed as one of the available protocols. If it's not listed, you cannot use it on your device.

Connect to the openvpn server with the username and password that you chose during the VPN setup process. Note: If you haven't yet connected to the VPN, you will see a message at the top of Settings > More > Network settings > Connection states > Available networks about connecting to a VPN server. You will have a short interval to connect before the dialog box closes.

Select the VPN protocol you wish to use and follow the instructions to set up the VPN connection. Where are network configurations stored on my phone? Every major Google app has its own network configuration for data usage, such as the browser, maps, and so on. You'll find these files in your phone's internal storage area, typically under the following directory names: App Name. Browser. DataUsage.txt DataUsageSettings.xml Google Play Store. Maps. YouTube. Android Wear. Messaging. Voice. Wear OS. Other Apps

Why does my proxy ask for username and password?

I am using proxy settings from a router that I need to use a username and password to access the internet.

Is there anyway I can get around this and still be able to go to the website? It is not possible to use a proxy one computer and connect directly to other computers (unless you are talking about a proxy designed for that purpose). If you have no control over the router, then you'll need to get a direct connection to your provider's network.

How do I use a proxy with a username and password on Windows?

I am trying to use the wget -U -nH -c -m -r -e -p -k to download a list of my posts. It is a simple call that just goes over https to and returns some json data. I am on a university network. My university computers automatically log in to my school's proxy with a username and password (for a VPN). The school's proxy is set to forward everything for that username and password to the appropriate location, which in this case would be the above link.

However, I get a "Forbidden" response from my wget call. The -U option should automatically figure out the proxy and set the username and password values, but I have to manually add them in.

The problem is your request to is being sent by your machine, the proxy will only see this as a network request to www.

Your proxy doesn't know anything about and so cannot answer the question "can you access this host? No, it's blocked by your organisation's firewall".

In that scenario, you need to use a SOCKS proxy. The way to do this is to change the request to say, and the proxy then asks to relay this to the real destination.

For details of the format for socks proxies, please see the Wikipedia article.

How do I find my proxy server username and password?

I know that some ISPs have an http proxy server where you can configure your browser to go through. So the question is how do you find your username and password (I'm talking Linux here).

You may also have a VPN, or similar - with a network device set up to pass all web activity through your 'proxy'. In which case again, the same user login works.

In all cases, it will be saved as username on a file named .httpproxy or similar, in your home directory.

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