How Do I See Last Week's Screen Time on Android?

How Do I See Last Week's Screen Time on Android?

As Android phones and tablets get more advanced and faster, it's not always as easy to look at time used on your phone and tablet. This is especially true on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 where there's no physical analog of the time.

One of the most handy features from Samsung's Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8 and from newer phones like the Pixel and OnePlus 5 is a "Time used" display in the status bar that shows the times you've used the phone, apps, and websites, as well as battery use, time zone, and more. While on devices like the Note 8, you can see how much the display is lit up and when it gets brighter, and you can change color settings to make the display even more colorful (if you want to), seeing actual time isn't a part of it. On devices like the Google Pixel and OnePlus 5 with OLED screens, things are looking pretty snazzy, but still, not seeing the time right in the status bar is something I've been missing.

This year, Google fixed this, and you can get a similar look by setting a Google Account to sync your display time or by changing your Android device's time zone, among other ways. If you use Gmail or are logged in to Chrome when the system is running, you'll see time on Android devices without signing in to Google.

For this guide, we're going to explain how you can enable or view your phone's or tablet's display time. Why Set Display Time? As we showed earlier, a display time on most phones and tablets will show you how much time you've spent using apps, web sites, and calling on your phone or tablet. It also reveals the time and date when you last charged your device, like a little mini watch that shows the weather, and more. While Google has created a display of time and date, in the status bar that can be edited, I wanted to go a little deeper into this feature so you know exactly how to make it happen.

If your phone or tablet has Google Sync turned on and you already have a Google account associated with it, it will sync the time automatically. All you need to do is visit on any browser and click the "Sync now" option.

How Do I Check My Screen Time on My LG?

My LG smart TV has become much more useful over the past several months. The ability to change from traditional to apps mode, and even watch video games online has greatly enhanced the time I spend in front of the big screen. However, a big negative side effect of my increased use of my large display is the amount of time spent in front of it. I have always kept myself fairly busy at work so that I don't waste a lot of time sitting in front of my TV (and I mean a lot!) but lately, especially since receiving my new TV, I haven't really had any motivation to stop watching Netflix when I sit down to do something else. My TV is connected to my Wi-Fi network, so I could log into our home router, but since I am trying to better structure my life and my work hours, I don't want to be distracted with checking my email or browsing Facebook when I'm at home, so it's easier just to watch TV.

In my quest to cut down on my screen time while still enjoying all of the content my TV provides, I've turned to using SmartControl to see how much time I've spent each day watching TV. To this end, I wanted to know exactly how to view my "daily TV time" when I'm using it. I also wanted to learn how to get info about my usage in the event that I'd like to monitor or restrict my viewing even more. I've been unable to find a lot of information about this specific function for my TV, so this blog post may help others that are dealing with similar issues.

Log into your LG TV with the SmartControl app by heading into the settings. Step 1 - If you haven't logged into your LG TV with SmartControl, open up the home page. Step 2 - At the top right corner, click on the settings icon. Step 3 - Select the smart control feature. Step 4 - You will now be asked to enter in your user name and password, and then the home screen will be loaded. Click on the icon that looks like a screen.

Step 5 - You will see a screen that looks like the screen below. Select the smart control section.

Step 6 - Scroll down to the screen time section. Step 7 - The screen below shows the current information about your screen time.

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