How do I get Spotify unblocked?

How do I bypass Spotify VPN block?

If you're trying to watch TV shows and movies online, then there's a chance that your content is blocked at your ISP, or at the VPN level. It could be related to your operating system, router, and country of residence, but to make sure Spotify can fully function on your network, you need to ensure it is running inside a VPN.

If you're not running a VPN for your network, just do it right now. The benefits of using a good VPN are plentiful! Let me list them: VPN Security: Protect your data with strong encryption methods. Privacy and anonymity: Stay private and anonymous by using strong anonymization methods and obfuscation, like PGP or Tor integration. VPN Speed: Enjoy higher bandwidth speeds, better DNS performance and lower latency. Security through Encryption (S2E): Keep your privacy secure and protect your connections from being decrypted. This will protect your personal data if it is intercepted or attacked in transit.

Unblocking Content: Avoid Netflix's and other streaming services' restrictions, such as geo-restrictions. You can unblock their geo-location blocks, to watch Netflix shows live.

If your network setup meets these conditions, then you should also be able to bypass Spotify's VPN block. Steps to use VPN to unblock Spotify. Once you install your VPN software, your ISP will have a hard time detecting it. Your traffic will look normal and stay unblocked, and Spotify will keep working.

Here are the steps to configure your VPN, connect your computer to your VPN, and begin unblocking Spotify: Step 1: Install and Set Up the Software. There are dozens of different VPN software available. However, it all mostly does the same thing, which means you just need to get one that works best on your computer. Here are some common solutions:

Openvpn: The easiest way to set up a VPN connection with Openvpn is via the built-in network settings. Openvpn allows you to create virtual IP addresses for your home network or Wi-Fi so you can access the Internet remotely via your computer (or smartphone) without having to actually connect to the real Internet. There are plenty of tutorials on Openvpn online if you want to know more.

How do I get Spotify unblocked?

If you've installed Spotify, and you're having trouble streaming music, first of all be grateful that Spotify has an unblocked button. And for the people who don't have it, here are ways to get Spotify unblocked.

How to Get Spotify Unblocked. Go to and log in with your email and password. Then select Account Settings from the drop-down menu and select Contact us. Choose Support Ticket and fill out the form. The support ticket will be assigned to a human agent.

Note: Spotify support is not the fastest but they will respond within 24 hours. Unblocked Spotify. Go to and sign up with your email and password. Once you've logged in successfully, you can select Help and Support from the navigation bar. Select Unblocked from Account Restrictions from the list. Fill out the form to submit the request and wait for Spotify to process it.

This method is quite similar to the previous one. Go to and then select Help & Support from the navigation menu on the left side. Click on Unblocked from Account Restrictions. After submitting the form, Spotify may ask you to verify your email address and phone number. To do so, follow the instructions.

How to Unblock Spotify from your Computer. There are several methods to unblock Spotify. Read the instructions below to know how you can fix this problem.

Open the browser and type in the following address: After pressing enter, you should see this page -. The pop-up window contains your basic information and account details such as your email address and your password. Copy the information and open Spotify client on your computer. Press 'Unblock' in the top right corner. Now, click Yes when the browser prompts you to authenticate the current URL. Finally, click on the blue 'Continue' button on the pop-up box. How to Block Spotify and Start Over Again. If you wish to stop your free Spotify account, simply click the cancel button from Spotify's dashboard.

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