Is ADSelfService Plus free?

Is ADSelfService Plus safe?

I just bought an 8GB USB stick to carry with me to any meeting.

If the meeting is not web-based and I plug in the stick, I am not aware that this will change anything. This is because the web version has its own authentication layer so, even if I access a non-web version of the site using my ADSelfService I'll be able to use these features. I do not see how a USB stick can ever change anything at all when I'm already authenticated into a website. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? Is this really as secure as it appears? The answer to your question (admit it: I don't have one ;) ) is yes. You may have noticed on your website that after signing in with a username and password you may be asked to re-enter your credentials on certain pages. These pages could have information you saved such as addresses or notes. If you had never saved anything and logged off the web site's cookies would disappear and you would have to log back in again to add your information back.

However, by signing in with your ADSelfService Plus account, any information you might have stored in cookies would be saved for use even after you left the web site. That's all there is to it. Of course, I'd agree that if you never even knew what was in the cookies, then that wouldn't matter, but it's a feature that a lot of people find very helpful.

Thanks everyone! You've given me good pointers - it's good to know that ADSelfService Plus keeps my information safe even if I leave the web site. And that it won't just do the "one time only" cookie thingy.

Does ADSelfService Plus have anything to do with the authentication process (the actual web site login)? Will the service I sign up with remain safe if the website I'm visiting is not "secure" (eg. Non SSL)? Thank you for the reply - but, I think I understood well what you're saying. I am referring to the fact that, when you use an ADSelfService account, even if I access a non-web version of the website using my ADSelfService account, I'm already authenticated, no need to re-authenticate. I can see this is a very useful way of doing things.

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