How do I download a PDF from Web viewer?

How do I extract embedded files from a PDF?

I'm trying to extract the embedded file from a PDF document using Python 3.

3 and PyPDF2. In my case, I want to extract a simple image file in the document (that will eventually go on to a website).

Here's some code: import PyPDF2. Import cStringIO. Pdf = open('Document.pdf') page = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(pdf) print(page.getPageN()) print(page.getNumPages()) I'm trying to extract the document itself (the pdf file) but when I run this code, it just tells me that the pdf has 1 page. Why is that? Is there some error I'm doing here? Any ideas? Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about: Thank you! As your pdf page number indicates, your pdf contains only one page. You will have to use the getNumPages() method to determine the page numbers of all the other pages.

How do I find an embedded PDF on a website?

I'm looking for a program that will find an embedded PDF on a website and pull out the text from the PDF.

I have looked at various programs online, but I have not found any that can do what I need. I'm looking for a free program that would work on Windows and Linux.

Mozilla Firefox (built-in) lets you choose an option called "Save Page As", in which you can save any link's contents in a file. In your saved file you'll find the embedded PDF.

This works only for webpages, and not images.

How do I download a PDF from Web viewer?

Downloading a document from Web viewer is very similar to downloading a document from Microsoft Word. As you read the text and the structure of the document is presented, simply right-click anywhere on the page and select "Save as" or click the file icon to save. You'll notice that there is an attachment in the email with the word Doc attached, click that and you'll see your Word document. This isn't exactly answer but could you please elaborate more about what you are trying to accomplish? Thank you.

Comments. I have found it best to use your browsers built-in Save File as dialog box. From your link it looks like you downloaded your documents, which seems to be exactly what you wanted. There is nothing wrong with that. It's just that saving your files in a different file format may not work in every program or operating system.

If you didn't download your documents, then you probably want to view them in your browser again. You can save them to disc again like you did above but this time if you have a different file format, it could corrupt your document. I hope this was not the case, if it was then you can save the document again, or just send yourself a reminder email with the link and let the other person know they missed out.

Hi Mark, thank you for taking the time to comment. You are correct that I have downloaded the document and saved it on my computer already so the "answer" is moot. Thank you for your quick and thoughtful reply.

I am a bit confused as to why the file you are looking at would be missing a file extension. My understanding was that when you open the file, all the links on the site will be visible inside the file. Did something on your end cause that to happen?

I have a question if anyone could answer for me. I am not sure why I would not be able to download documents on this forum but I would go to a website link that says something like "PDF Download". Then click on it and it allows you to download the PDF. When I do this I am able to open the file but when I look on my browser history it does not say where I saved the file. Does anyone know why this would happen? I could not find any helpful information online. Please help.

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